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Spa World in Osaka 2005/2/3 04:22
Osaka City
Mum and 17 year old daughter, first trip. Spa World sounds interesting, however is this an appropriate place for us? Bathing suits- yes or no? Do we take our own? Other reccomendations? Thanks
by Sally and Kathryn  

You should go 2005/2/3 20:50
From now until March 31, Spa World has a special for 1000 Yen for all day. Great deal, I dont think it is worth it for the normal 3000 Yen/day. There aren't a whole lot of real onsens in the immediate Osaka area so Spa World is a good choice. There is a mens and womens floor which each month alternate between Europe and Asian Spas. The top floor is a pool and spa for familes. When you separate to either the mens or womens floor you do not wear bathing suits but on the top floor you have to have a suit to go there.
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spa world 2005/2/3 23:22
So.. there is a women only section (many styles of baths within one section) where you DO NOT wear swim suits into the bath. You have to go into the water naked. You can however cover yourself with a towel while walking around from one bath to another within that women only section. So only other women and your daughter will be the people able to see you naked.

Then there is the public pools where men and wonmen are together. So you MUST wear swim suits. They have water slides there(I think). So it is like a mini water park for everyone.

There are also resturants in that Spa World. You can wear a yukata (which is like a japanese style bath robe), provided to you already, to eat in those resturants, or to the resting areas where you can take a nap.

You don't have to carry any money with you. They will give you a wrist tag as your ID. They will just record your bills in the computer, you then pay the total on check-out.

There have been many questions concerning whether other japanese people (in your case: women) will stare at you. Don't worry about that, nobody cares. Just go and enjoy yourself.

But I think the biggest problem you might have to consider is whether your daughter is confortable being naked in front of YOU. As there are other similar questions like this in this forum. Being naked together with their parents is probably the last thing on earth most (if not all) teenage children want to do!
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Thank you 2005/2/4 11:20
To mm and Rod- WOW! Hmmm, now we understand why all the people in the pictures have washcloths on their heads. We think it is terrific and are not deterred, but we must admit that having a "super-sized" cloth might make us somewhat less prickly! Just kidding, in truth we think that our only reservation may be the temperature of the water. It would be a shame for us to conquer our "prudish nature" only to be left out of the bath because we just can't tolerate the heat! However, here's hoping! Thanks!
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More on Spa World 2005/2/21 11:23
Hi Rod and MM
I'm hoping to goto Spa World on Feb 26, Saturday. As I am unable to read the Japanese website for Spa World, do you know of any website that has English information? If not, would you happen to know if one needs to make a reservation to go there, or just show up?

To be better prepared, do I need to bring anything, such as a my own towel, etc?

Does the entree fee allow you into everything?

I'm not sure what to expect, but would I spend the entire day there or just half a day?

Any insites you could share would be greatly appreciated...

Many Thanks,
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spa 2005/2/22 01:41
I believe the Spa world opens 24 hrs. So not only you can spend the whole day there , you can spend the night there as well. But you have to pay extra for spending the night (staying after certain hours).

You don't really need to bring anything except money. They have towels for you. And you can your meals in their restaurants.

The entrance fee allows you to go everywhere (except the men's spa - if you are a lady ^_^ ).
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Only Hot Spring?? 2005/3/16 12:55

I am also going spa world ard late march.. but the thing is I just had a minor leg operation and cant go for the hot spring as the temperature will be too high for my wound. May I know other than the hot spring and the pool on the top level, is there anything else that I can enjoy there.

Thank You!!
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1000 yen 2005/3/16 13:53
Hi Rod and MM,

Is there any terms and condition for the 1000 yen entry fee? Say only valid for certain timing? And all the baths are filled with ''HOT'' spring water?
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Spa World 2005/3/16 23:14
Entrance fee for Spa World:
Yen 2400 for 3 hours
Yen 2700 for more than 3 hrs

Sat,Sun,Holidays,Special Days
Yen 2700 for 3 hours
Yen 3000 for more than 3 hrs

Overnight extra charge:
Yen 1000 (regardless of your entry time, as long as you were in there between AM12:00~AM5:00)

So, for example (Mon-Fri), if you enter at 11:59pm and leave at 12:01am, a total of 2 minutes, you would still need to pay 2400 + 1000 = 3400 .

If you enter at 11:00pm and stay till 6:00am the next morning, you would need to pay
2700(more than 3 hrs) + 1000 = 3700 .

Spa World, as the name suggests, is mainly for spa.

But they do have several restaurants and a gym there. I have not been to the gym myself, but according to their website, it is supposed to be a full gym.

Apart from hot water spas, they have cold water spas too. But actually those are for "before and after" the hot spa. Dipping between hot and cold is supposed to be good for you. But definitely not for people with heart problems. Because doing that would set your heart racing, no kidding.

Even for the hot water spas, they do have spas of different temperatures. I don't remember exactly, but I think they have indicators right beside the spas to let you know the temperature of that particular pool of water.

To Cherry:
If you can't get into the water, I would not recommend you going there, because there is not enough of "something else" to do to justify the entrance fee.

And as I listed at the top, the Yen 1000 is an EXTRA charge for night-stay at the spa.

A bit more info for you guys and gals. According to their website, for the month of March, European floor is for the ladies and Asian floor is for the Gentlemen. They will switch again on the 01st April.

Actually, I have only been there once (i think). But I liked it. Hope you guys and gals enjoy your time there too. Come back and let me know how you like or hate it.
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Thanks.. 2005/3/17 11:29
Dear mm,

Thank You for your prompt and detailed reply. :)
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private spas in the spa world 2005/5/24 11:37
My husband & I are hoping to enjoy a spa together. I heard that there is a Bali/ Agean sea spa salon which offers private spas & treatment is it correct?
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Spa World? 2006/11/16 23:35
just wondering for the public bath where we have to wear swim suit. Does that applies to bikinis as well? or only the full-piece swim suit?

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... 2006/11/19 16:20
Either bikini or full piece is okay.
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No problem going naked :) 2007/5/7 03:35
well,its common for the Japanese to go naked in spas and public bath.Its like a community thing for them.They enjoy doing that...

They are the same in Denmark where we go into the changing room naked!! Everyone walked around so freely. U will get used to it. Anyway, all of the same sex, so problem at all. And all ladies have breasts,just its big or small breasts. Nothing to be shy about, if u worry if people will see you. Well,they don't care about it....they just enjoy! Only Asians are much more conscious of it...

We have a guy friend who just returned frm Japan, shy to be naked in front of guys!! Complete naked...
I can't believe it becoz I would no problem with the same sex in the bath....

If u are not comfortable then try it out, there is always a First time in everything..aha!! Its fun and u will enjoy such freedom that u won't find in SG or asian countries :)
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Spa World questions 2007/6/21 05:13
Hi I have a couple of questions regarding Spa World that I'm hoping someone can answer:

1. If you have a tattoo, how strict are they regarding them? My husband has a small tattoo on his back, will he be kicked out?

2. Can you bring a baby to Spa World? The baby would have one of those special waterproof diapers on, I'm wondering if this is acceptable in Japan. It would be nice to take them to the top floor with the pools.
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Spa world in Osaka 2007/8/23 17:38
where is the loction of Spa world in Osaka ?

How to go there ?
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. 2007/8/24 14:14
EJ: as for question 1, i don't think he'll be allowed with a tattoo. but you'll probably can buy those huge waterproof plasters for wounds and stick it over?

momay: it's located on dobutsuen-mae station. Which is served by the Midosuji subway Line and Sakaisuji subway line.
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I think it's OK 2007/8/24 16:07
I have travelled through Japan with a friend who has a similar located and sized tattoo.

We have had no problem anywhere - onsen, sento, beach. Least of all in Osaka!

Yakuza tattoos are very specific. That's what the 'ban' is about (and I have seen plenty of those in bath houses, too.)

It is a notional rule rather than an actual one, designed to reassure clients that the establishment is not owned by you-know-who.
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quest 2008/7/19 08:50
Hello, im going to Spa World soon, but i have som tattoos in my body, im i able to go into the pools???
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Website in English 2008/10/13 11:21
Here is the english website

It is linked to the Japanese website, just hard to see the link, tucked away up in the corner. Hope this helps some of you!
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