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results of preseason games for 2016 2016/3/2 10:44
Would appreciate any information on getting results/stats on the 2016 pre season for Pacific League in The English ?
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Re: results of preseason games for 2016 2016/3/2 17:35
Maybe No EN result page.
In Japan "Pre-season" calling "ƒI[ƒvƒ“í(open-sen/open games)".
This "open" means not only "Pa(ƒp) vs Pa"
most days "Pa vs CeiƒZ)" all (6+6)12 teams mixed.

Click each game score.

in RED is "hit(ˆÀ=ˆÀ‘Å/an-da)" without number means "single hit"
with 2(or3) means get 2(3) base by long hit or fielding error
HR/–{(hon)=–{—Û‘Å(hon-rui-da) is "Home run" (this –{ means "home base")

Positions by Kanji(Š¿Žš).

Ž€‹…(si-kyuu) is "dead ball"
Žl‹…(si-kyuu/same sounds) is"four balls" (in Japanese just calling "four ball" no add last "s")
ŽOU(san-sin) is "Strikeout(3K)"
ƒS(go)=ƒSƒ(go-ro) is "batted ball"
”ò(hi)=”ò‹…(hi-kyuu) is "fly"
’¼(choku) is "liner" (original meaning is "straight" ’¼‹…(chokkyuu) is straightfielding ball but no related in this score)
•¹(hei)=•¹ŽE(hei-satsu) is "outs by double/triple play" (original meaning ŽE is "kill")
ƒM(gi)=‹]‘Å(gi-da) is "Sacrifice"
(if with infield maens ‹]µƒoƒ“ƒg/gi-sei bunt, outfield means ‹]µƒtƒ‰ƒC/gi-sei fly for touch up)
Ž×(ja) is "foul (fly=Ž×”ò)"
Ž¸(sitsu)=Ž¸ô(sissaku) is "error"
Žc—Û(zan-rui) is "runner(s) left times of all innings"
(Žw) is "DH(Designated hitter)" only for "Pa" game even vs "Ce". (No DH in "Ce")
“—Û(tou-rui) is "steal"
“—ÛŽ€(tou-rui-si) is "out by steal" (original meaning Ž€ is "deth/dead")
‘–—ÛŽ€(sou-rui-si) is "out by runner faild"(over run or something)
–\“Š(bou-tou) is "wild pitch/throw"
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