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Where is Honjo city? 2005/2/4 15:48
I live in Honjo city (I think), but I cannot find it on the map or any info about Saitama prefecture. Is it too small to locate? I live near Waseda university in Honjo. Isn't it supposed to be 'popular' enough? Help???
by Mutiara  

... 2005/2/4 18:22
Honjo is in the northern tip of Saitama Prefecture, bordering to Gunma Prefecture.

About 90 minutes by local train from central Tokyo.

Honjo-Waseda is a station on the shinkansen (bullet train). Trains take less than 1 hour to reach Tokyo from there.
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honjo 2005/4/6 14:27
thanks for your info, Uji-san. seems like you know it well??
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... 2005/4/6 19:19
I am living relatively close to Honjo, but besides the railway stations, I don't know much about it.
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WHERE IS HONJO CITY? 2006/10/22 00:29
I married a young lady from Honjo City,Saitama-Ken in 1953..love the city and festives in Jul and Nov are a real treat. Located just south of the Tanagawa,so very close to Gunma-Ken.I just love the whole area,Maibashi,Takasaki,Kumagaya,Haruna San,LOVE IT and Miss it.
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HONJO CITY 2008/3/5 03:38
It seems that Honjo is a fair bit out from Tokyo according to my research. However, I was wondering how far it is from Tokyo compared to Kanagawa or Iruma?
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... 2008/3/5 08:22
It takes about 90 minutes by local train to reach Honjo. This compares to 30 minutes to Yokohama and 60 minutes to Kamakura (in Kanagawa) and 45 minutes to Iruma.

Honjo has also a shinkansen station (Honjo Waseda), which lets you access Tokyo in 50 minutes.
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Northern part of Saitama Prefecture 2009/3/25 11:07
Take Jr Takasaki line and get off Honjo Sta. about 90 mins. or Joetsu Shinkansen get off Honjo Waseda Sta. 50 mins. Take the Kanetsu Expressway by Car & get off to Honjo Kodama junction about an hour or take 254 public highway that comes from Tokyo as well.
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