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Aikido dojos in Nagoya? 2005/2/6 04:59

I'm wondering where there are Aikido dojos in Nagoya, especially if there are any in the area in or around Chikusa-ku.
by Larry Boy  

Aikido Dojo 2005/4/4 21:11
Hi Larry,

I was looking for one myself, so I went to the Nagoya (Int`l) Kokusai Centre by Nagoya Station. They gave me a list of ones. I looked at one today by Higashiyama Koen; small place but very friendly people.@
by Marisa rate this post as useful

Aikido searching 2005/5/25 17:18
I have only recently moved to Nagoya and will be here a year. I wanted to get started in Aikido, but have limited knowledge of Japanese. I took a few classes in college and have always wanted to try it. I am just a bit timid about going to a dojo where no-one speaks english.
by Lora rate this post as useful

Aikido in Nagoya 2005/6/2 13:53
The best Aikido dojo in Nagoya is the Toshiro dojo, by Ikeshita station. It's the only official Aikikai school in Nagoya. (Aikikai is the governing body of Aikido) The Sensei there has been training for over 48 years, and it only costs 4000 yen a month.
Ikeshita station is on the Higashiyama line. Exit the station-- there will be a Mr. Donut's on your right and a McDonald's about a block to your left. Walk straight down the street (there will be a Pachinko parlor to your left) and turn left after the Parlor, into the alleyway. Toshiro dojo will be on your left.
by Dave Clayton rate this post as useful

Nagoya Dojos 2005/6/14 06:19
Well, I experienced Kokikai Dojo, the home dojo of Maruyama Sensei. Kokikai is based in US and Australia. Powerful Aikido, let's simply say.
Also, I got a recommendation to Meirin Juku Dojo, more Aikikai-like. Don't know where it is located. When I arrived in a Japanese city, I siply ask at city travel agency, and someone always managed to help me (in english).
by Ren rate this post as useful

kokikai 2006/2/23 09:23
The Kokikai dojo is excellent. Maruyama-Sensei speaks fluent english, and his Aikido is simply incredible. I've trained with him in the U.S. for about 5 years now, and nothing compares to him. I'm pretty sure the dojo is located around/near Nagoya Castle. Good Luck, and best wishes.
by kris rate this post as useful

Wada Shihan 2006/3/11 10:39
Don't sell yourself short. Go to the Toshiro dojo. I studied there for one year, after 2 years in the States. Hands down, Wada Shihan knows his stuff.
48 years. 'Nuff said.
by Marc rate this post as useful

Toshiro Dojo 2006/4/12 03:31
Actually, after initially looking at other Dojos, I was prviledged to practice with Wada shihan at Toshiro Dojo for 6 months. Wonderful man with incredible talent. Though he does not speak English well, does his best to make foreigners welcome.
by Marisa rate this post as useful

Nagoya Dojo 2007/8/28 23:53
The dojo Marisa visited is called Nagoya Dojo. I studied there for 3 years under Toda-sensei. His assistants were Murayama, Mamiya, Nomura, Niwa, and others (all 4th Dan and up). Ichihashi used to come down from Tokyo Honbu. That was about 7 years ago for testing. I don't know what's up these days, but if you're looking for the Heart of Japan/Aikido, this is the place.
by Matt rate this post as useful

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