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Mt. Nabekanmuri, Nagasaki 2016/3/23 13:45
I want to go here but can't find much info in English. I read that there are many cats that I can see near the houses of this mountain. Is this true? How long will it take me to get to the park on the top of the mountain, and is the view as pretty as it is from Mt. Inasa? What else is there to do and see in Mt. Nabekanmuri?
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Re: Mt. Nabekanmuri, Nagasaki 2016/3/23 17:13
"Ishibashi(΋) station" means City tram/street car stop.
Take this(lift/free) first after tram stop for short cut stairs.

Now underconstaction until end of this MAR 2016 for viewing deck bigger.

2014 summer
2013 MAR
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Re: Mt. Nabekanmuri, Nagasaki 2016/3/23 17:52
Thank you so much Atco, this information is so useful and exactly what I was looking for! According to these pages there are plenty of cats there to keep me occupied, I can't wait to see them. Thank you once again.
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