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Advise for visit Teshima on April 6 2016/3/24 01:51
Do you know a website and or e-mail address where I can get information about the following plan? Or do you have better suggestions?

I will go to Japan this spring. On Wednesday April 6 I want to take train Okayama – Uno 9.54 – 10.37. Bring my group to ferry to Naushima dep. 11.00
Then I want to take 11.10 ferry from Uno to Teshima Ieura, rent bike, cycle to Karato visit Teshima art Museum and Heart-beat thing, have a short late lunch or snack
along the way and cycle back from Karato via Ko to Ieura in order to be in time for the 16.25 – 16.50 ferry Ieura – Uno, and the 17.05 – 17.59 Uno – Okayama train.
(or if I miss 18.40 – 19.19 ferry to be in time for late train 20.27 – 21.24.

Do you think this is possible, can you recommend anything else?

Domo arigatou gozaimasu
by Onno Reichwein (guest)  

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