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any japanese restaurants in Wyoming/SD? 2005/2/10 04:27
South Dakota
Ive been searching for a long time but i haven't found any in each of these states which i visit often.

Ive always wanted to try japanese food but whenever i go on a vacation my aprents either don't want to eat at one (if i'm even able to find one somewere.) or when they do agree when we do find it, its closed for the holidays.

could someone help me out?
by CJM  

? 2005/2/14 08:24
i guess no ones been to South Dakota or Wyoming then...
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SD 2005/2/14 10:26
If you're in Sioux Falls, SD, there is a Japanese restaurant ''Sushi-masa'' or one called ''Hibachi''. Otherwise, if you're in Aberdeen, there are none. And I'm not sure about the Rapid City area.
Hope this helps. I've been to ''Hibachi'' and it was pretty good.
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helpfull but yet not 2005/2/14 16:44
well thanks. atleast i know theres some there btu unfortunetly i have never been there. ive whent around it to water town though. i go to rapid about once a month atleast.

ow well mabe someone else knows something?
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Possibilities? 2005/2/14 23:14
I did a quick internet search, and turned up a few things. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the listings or the quality of the restaurants, but here is what I found:

Teriyaki Grill
1720 Capitol Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 637-4393

Kaz's Place
1607 1/2 Carey Ave.
Cheyenne, WY
(307) 778-9412

Sato's Sushi & Tempura
265 W Broadway
Jackson, WY 83014.

Teriyaki Bowl
3021 E Grand Ave
Laramie, WY 82070-5104
Phone: (307)742-0709

Sushi-Masa Japanese Restaurant 423 S Phillips Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-6819
Phone: (605)977-6968

Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
2520 South Louise Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57106
(605) 361-8200

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thanks 2005/2/15 03:16
i think ajckson isn't to far from here i'll look itno that.
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Wyo restaurant 2005/4/17 11:22
There's a new place in Laramie called Tokyo Grill, I believe. It's located in the Ramada Inn.
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sato's sushi & tempula 2005/5/17 02:21
I have worked here last summer, and this store shut down due to sanitary violation. Sorry, but when I was working there, they had a good business, and I made quite good money, but now the manager Eric lost all employees and almost lost his store. He didn't take care of mice, and Health department found there were tons of mice running around on the floor. Two of sub managers quit there before they shut down, and they both are gonna start their own sushi bars in Idaho Fall which is 45 mintues from Jackson, so you guys should check them out. I bed they offer pretty good/creative sushi and Asian food.
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wow 2005/7/15 05:12
Glad i added this thread to my favorites, thanks for the info. i haven't been to idaho falls in years. I whonder if it has changed much?

i never realised anyone replied, even thou it has been a long time.
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Sushi Masa 2006/1/28 08:53
I have eaten at many sushi restaurants in San Franscisco and Los Angeles and Sushi Masa on Philips Avenue comes close to being as good as the ones in California. It's a nice and quaint restaurant run by owners Fumi and Yuki.
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new Japanese restaurant in Rapid City 2006/4/7 11:40
Not sure of the name of it, but a new restaurant just opened here....on Omaha Street - which is a main street through town..not hard to find. I've heard it is very good!!
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wow, long time 2006/5/25 09:28
wow, i knew id find an awsome answered if i book marked my thread. suprised it was not deleted.

thats for the info about rapid. Next time i'm over there I will hunt this one down.

I have not been to threse forums in awhile since they re areanged everything and made finding topic areas confuseing.
ok that was off topic back to topic. If anybody knows any other japanese restaurants (please do not include one of thoes little walk up counter restaurants in malls.) around wyoming or western SD. go ahead and inform me about them.
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Ichiban in Rapid City 2006/5/27 17:31
The new restaurant in Rapid City is called Ichiban. I've not been there yet, but I have been told the atmosphere is nice, though the sushi isn't knock-out spectacular. South Dakota isn't really known for its fish, though, so perhaps that's not a severe criticism.

1109-A West Omaha Street
Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: (605) 341-7178
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sushi 2006/6/15 01:49
ichiban isn't just a sushi restaurant is it?
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Japanese restaurant Ichiban 2006/10/14 23:56
Ichiban has a full menu. Their Web site is www.ichbanrc.com. I encourage you to stop in the next time you are in Rapid. I love it, the sushi and all food is very good. They make their own sauces. It's a fun casual place to hang out and enjoy great sushi.
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Sato's Sushi & Tempura 2006/11/18 01:36
It never had any health violations. They're restraunt is very good. It's a good place to go an eat. They're food is terrific and it makes you feel like your in Japan. There is a koi pond inside, and they have soothing music. The sushi bar is great, and I loved bringing my family there. It's a place I'll always go to eat whenever I'm in the mood for Japanese food. I'll be honest, it has changed throughout the years. But now, It's wonderful and better than ever.
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i found a sushi place in sioux falls 2007/1/24 07:16
i visit Sioux falls sd often to see my doctor and seeing as i have an upcomeing visit i did a search for "sioux falls restraunt listing" and came across Sushi Masa 243 s phillips ave. it might not be what youre lookingfor but it may get you on the right path hope that helps
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casper,wyoming 2007/1/28 05:22
here in casper wyoming there's a place caled 303 resturant... they do sushi on thursdays... weve been inside to check it out... looks expensive... i know the best eaten sushi is made with real japanese rice... the rest is blah.... dave and megumi
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New restaurants 2008/2/29 02:39
The Ichiban restaurant has closed. Now there are two japanese restaurants in Sioux Falls. One is the Sushi Masa on Phillips and the other is the new Tokyo Japanese Cuisine on S. Louise.
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Gen Kai Japanese Restaurant 2008/8/13 17:03
Gen Kai is in the ocean front community of Dana Point on the Pacific Coast Highway. It was about a 35 minute drive from my hotel but it was worth it.The only things that kept Gen Kai from being a five were, no a la carte sushi menu and no specials for table service!

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