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Global S7 edge in Japan 2016/4/19 11:05
Hi, I'm moving to Japan in about one month and will be staying for a minimum of 1 year for work. I am looking to get a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, however I know it's not available in Japan at the moment, meaning I would probably buy the global model from amazon prior to leaving.

I plan on going with IIJMIO with a voice and data plan and I'm aware that I would probably have to do this online as global phones usually don't have the Japanese giteki mark. It may be important to add that I will be working in Tokyo and living ~25 min from Shinjuku, and a place of residence/bank account will be arranged by my employer. My questions are:

How well does an international/global model of a phone work in Japan? I know this has to do with the frequency bands. I've read the bands that NTT Docomo (/IIJMIO) uses, and The global model of the S7 Edge (G935F) has all these bands but is missing LTE band 9 and for 3G, the 800Mhz frequency (However some sources say Docomo uses LTE band 9 and some say band 3).

How will this effect reception/service?

Does anyone have any similar experiences to this?

Sorry for the long post, I just want to make sure this is a viable option because I won't have a laptop and will be using my phone a lot. Thank you for your time and have a great day.
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Re: Global S7 edge in Japan 2016/4/19 17:50
Don't go with Docomo-based MVNOs for long-term usage. http://kakuyasu-sim.jp/speed-test-on-4-13-2016
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Re: Global S7 edge in Japan 2016/4/19 21:43
By the way, sim-free phones usually have the giteki mark somewhere in the "regulatory information" page. Carrier-branded foreign phones usually do not.

For a phone to work, it needs only (at least) one common band with the carrier; the bands supported by each carrier are indicated on its website.
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Re: Global S7 edge in Japan 2016/4/20 09:41
The Google translation of that page is golden.

People who suffice month 3GB, please everyone UQ mobile.

The UQ mobile I do not have to compare, but the next to the communication quality of UQ mobile is good will to NifMo. After NifMo, I feel that is followed by au plan of FREETEL and mineo. Cheap SIM of rest is hodgepodge.

(NifMo is Docomo-based, incidentally.)
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Re: Global S7 edge in Japan 2016/4/20 12:07
The global version of the S7 Edge has multiple compatible bands with Docomo.

After reading your post I'm not so sure about IIJMIO. I've read good things about it but maybe that has changed.
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Re: Global S7 edge in Japan 2016/4/20 12:31
Although I have not tried all the SIMs tested on that page, it is consistent with my experience for the few I have tried, so I think it's reliable.

I am with UQ now, and very satisfied with it. The only weak point is the coverage in rural area. If it's important to you, that's a strong argument to use a Docomo-based one.
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Re: Global S7 edge in Japan 2016/7/28 07:20
I am currently in Japan using a Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge with an NTT Docomo Prepaid Data-only SIM card (purchased at Narita). I have used the phone successfully over the last week in Tokyo, with very good coverage here. The only issue with the set up is that the phone says "No Service" (presumably because there is no voice/text service with this SIM card) and "Cell Standby" utilization appears to be very high (but this appears to be a common issue with this type of data-only SIM card and android phones), though battery life seems consistent with what I would get back home (I can get almost a full day of usage with significant use of browser, trip advisor and google maps to lead me through the city).
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