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Getting Johhny's tickets without membership 2016/4/27 15:37
Hello, I am currently living in the US and would like to attend a Johnny's concert when I am in Japan. To be exact, I would like to go to the Kis-My-Ft2 concert being held in July/August of this year. This concert was announced this month. I am aware that you need to be a fan club member and wait for drawings to get tickets, but I was wondering if there might be any other way for international people to obtain tickets. Any information would help. Thanks.
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Re: Getting Johhny's tickets without membership 2016/4/27 20:12
Almost inpossible unless you are a Johnny's member and win to buy the ticket. The entry is very competitive.
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Re: Getting Johhny's tickets without membership 2016/5/30 16:33
You can use resale sites like ticketcamp but mind you, tickets will not be sold at face value. Kisumai tickets aren't going at much higher than that, though, if you're not picky about seats.
However you need a Japanese address and credit card to do it (or a Japanese friend to lend it to you - conbini payment is also possible)

Otherwise if you can speak Japanese you can try tweeting that you are looking for a ticket. Usually in this case you pledge to buy the ticket, meet up with the person on the day outside the venue, and pay on spot. Search around for the relevant hashtag and copy the ticket format. However, this is not a safe method as both parties have to rely on each other's word and scams are not so unusual.

Last way would be when you're already in Japan, a few days before the show, you can go to ticket resale shops. For Johnny's the best is Gorakudoh in Harajuku. Again, this will not be at face value, but you'll leave the shop with the ticket in your hand - however no one can guarantee there will be tickets available for the concert of your choice, although there would often be.

Last resort... scalpers around the venue on that day, but that's not advisable.

Let me know any other question you have. I'd be happy to help. I used to be a Kisumai fan too and I am an avid concert goer so I feel you and hope you can make it.
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