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Would like to try Shinkansen 2016/5/4 11:58
hi ! Can anyone tell me how can I travel on shinkansen from my hotel ( Hotel Metropolitan Edmont) to Cup noodles museum in Yokohama? I want us to have the chance to try Shinkansen.
by VeePL  

Re: Would like to try Shinkansen 2016/5/4 13:46
Use Google Maps to find transit direction for

1. your hotel to Shin-Yokohama station, then
2. Shin-Yokohama station to the Cup Noodles Museum.

Note that Shin-Yokohama Station isn't particularly close to the Cup Noodles Museum, and this route will take longer than simply going direct from your hotel to the museum on regular trains.

However, while you're near Shin-Yokohama station you can visit the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum ( ), to make it worth the detour.
by Umami Dearest rate this post as useful

Re: Would like to try Shinkansen 2016/5/4 14:10
Thanks Umami Dearest!
Can I confirm this route that I have written down is the best from my hotel to Cup Noodles Museum?
Suidobashi to Akihabara (1 Stop)
Connects :
Akihabara to Sakuragicho (15 Stops)
by VeePL rate this post as useful

Re: Would like to try Shinkansen 2016/5/4 14:53
Oh,you again :)
Change dep date/time and Shinkansen set fee(pull down menu) fr Reserved to Unreserved.

But btw Tokyo and Shin-Yokohama sections won't be full speed 285km/h max as Tokaido Shinkansen
about 200km/h max(no long time) a bit faster than conventional lines trains.
(mainly 130km/h max some trains 160km/max).
This is back way fr Shin-Yokohama to Shinagawa recorded by smartphone GPS apps.

Baisically "Suica/PASMO" cannot purchase(touching at ticket gate) for Tokaido Shinkansen.
But purchasing real paper(magnetic) sheet ticket possible by Suica
at Multifunction Ticket Vending Machine (with "IC" sign sticker)
in JR Iidabashi/JR Suidobashi or JR Tokyo also JR Shin-Yokohama stn like this.
(touch screen top "English" button first)
IC sigjn sticker like this.

But in your case purchasing by credit card/cash
at ticcket office faster/easier than Suica/PASMO
also start from JR Iidabashi stn best than JR Suidobashi
bc no ticket office Suidobashi west exit. (east exit only)
Railway fare total is same if fr IIdabashi no worry.
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Re: Would like to try Shinkansen 2016/5/4 15:54
Heehee thanks Ngob!!
Thank you for the great information!!
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