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Minatomirai Pass 2016/5/5 00:29
Hi, I will visit Yokohama from Tokyo next week.

I already check at Minatomirai pass official website, and they inform that this pass cover round trip from Shibuya to Yokohama station.

My question is, can we get off any station at Yokohama (I've plan to get off in Kikuna Station).

Where I can get detailed information about this pass? Because the website isn't helpful at all..

Many thanks
by L13  

Re: Minatomirai Pass 2016/5/5 10:10
The pass DOES NOT cover Shibuya to Yokohama.

The official site,

Has plenty of information. Unsure what extra you require that isn't listed on the website.
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Re: Minatomirai Pass 2016/5/5 15:30
Kikuna is on JR Yokohama line and Tokyu Toyoko line. From Shibuya, Tokyu is more convenient. It takes about 20 min and 247 yen if you are using an IC card.

Kikuna is out of the service area of Minatomirai Pass.
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Re: Minatomirai Pass 2016/5/9 13:11
Hi Hakata14, what i'd like to ask is Minatomirai pass (, not Yokohama Minatomirai Pass.

As you see the website information isn't clear at all.
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Re: Minatomirai Pass 2016/5/9 14:17
The website quite clearly says the round-trip ticket is to Yokohama station (so you can connect with the Minatomirai line).
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Re: Minatomirai Pass 2016/5/9 16:23
Pass or ticket. Very confusing with if asking about one, but really wanting info about the other.
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Re: Minatomirai Pass 2016/5/9 16:47
Minatomirai ticket is the combination of
1. Round trip ticket for Tokyu lines to Yokohama and
2. One day free pass for Minato mirai line

from Yokohama to Motomachi-Chukagai.

Back to your original question

can we get off any station at Yokohama (I've plan to get off in Kikuna Station).,

if you get off at Kikura, your ticket for Tokyu line will invalid after you go out of the ticket gate. This is the general rule for the stopover using normal one-way or round trip ticket. Note that the round trip ticket is not the pass: You can use the ticket only once for one direction.

Anyway, the information in the English page Tokyu provided is not sufficient, but in Japanes page they added the information for the stations they sell this ticket.

Below is the rule of stopover Tokyu stated (you can see it if you search in their website, but the page itself was removed).

Stopovers represent the situation in which the passenger leaves the ticket gate from some station within the ticketed section. Tickets are no longer valid for the remaining section once the passenger leaves the ticketing gate.
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