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Toyama fishing rivers 2016/5/6 12:08
What are the best rivers to fish in Toyama?
I recently went to the river that leads to Banbajima/n꓇.
There were many others fishing there, but no one had any luck.
Does anyone have any other recommendations?
Would prefer somewhere in the mountains that's not touristy.
by BNYTSG (guest)  

Re: Toyama fishing rivers 2016/5/7 13:17
That lodge around rivers placed small check-dam(h_/sabou-dam)/weir(/seki) a lot.
Unfortunately in upper area using fish passage/ladder(/gyodou)-less type usual no good
as habitat very risky found easier by fish eaters(wild animals birds and more).
Also higher ground still water cold by melting snow and not enough bugs for feeding.
So mountain stream fishing(kނ/keiryuu-zuri) needs "map reading skills" before going.
Mountain stream fishes are smart with very high wariness agaist all enemies(fish eaters include fisherman).

NO asking at local fishing tackle stores(ދX/turigu-ten ދ/turigu-ya)
also local fishermans or lodge staff before/after fishing?
(bought "river fishing license ticket/V yuugyo-ken" and fishing rules?)
No checked new fish release(/houryuu) info?
What time been there?
How about river conditions? (water color/temp/water amout)
What way of fishing did? (by lure? fly? live bait?)
Not matched tackles? (line,hook size and more as undrerstanding target fish name and their life?)
Seen a lot of fish rise?
How about wild baits/bugs condions river around and into water?
Used polarization sunglass(ΌOX/henkou-glass)?
Attacked down-stream to up-steream?

Anyway,this is most important Q :)
No bite(A^/atari) also No following/attacking?
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