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Manga vs. Manhwa 2016/5/10 01:52
I can't tell the difference between manga or manhwa. So is there any ways to tell them apart?
by PandaLover101 (guest)  

Re: Manga vs. Manhwa 2016/5/10 08:35
"Manhwa" is manga made in South Korea/made by South Korean writers (I didn't know). So unless you know the authors/writers you would not know.
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Re: Manga vs. Manhwa 2016/5/11 18:44
Wiki mentioned.

Most Japanese don't know/read Manhwa as word/any titles.
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Re: Manga vs. Manhwa 2016/6/6 18:39
Easy to tell. If the author's name is a one-syllabled one such as Kim or Lee or Park or Choi, then it's manhwa, otherwise it's manga.
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