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Post Organ Transplant medication 2016/5/12 02:49
There are a few specific (anti-rejection) drugs needed by people that received an organ transplant. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge regarding:

1.) Successfully bringing a 3 month supply of these drugs into Japan

2.) Successfully acquiring these same drugs from a pharmacy in the Tokyo area.

3.) Any advice / lessons learned from someone that has already done this.

I'd like to move to Japan, so my Japanese wife can care for her elderly parents. In order to do that, I must figure out a way to ensure I can get the anti-rejection medication I require. Any organ transplant recipients living in Japan?
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Re: Post Organ Transplant medication 2016/5/12 14:45
I can't see why those would be different from any other kind of drugs.
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Re: Post Organ Transplant medication 2017/3/18 07:40
I hope i could get an update on this. I have the same situation, i need to take Prograf 1mg and Myfortic 360mg daily i will be visiting japan for 3months. Where can i buy and is it a lot expensive without insurance? Thanks
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Re: Post Organ Transplant medication 2017/3/19 19:14
You would be better off bringing these drugs with you, as their import is not restricted.

Foreign prescriptions are not accepted at pharmacies. You will need to go to the hospital or a clinic and have the prescription written in Japan, this isn't expensive but it is a cost. I suggest the hospital because their pharmacy is likely to have the drugs on hand or have a shorter route to obtaining them or suggest a pharmacy that will be able to fill the prescriptions. Most pharmacies do not stock as many drugs. You will want a pharmacy though, not to be confused with a drug store, which sells mostly over the counter drugs, such as paracetamol.
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Re: Post Organ Transplant medication 2018/2/6 15:59
Sorry for the late reply and I hope you've found a resolution. Either way, hopefully this information will be helpful for someone.

I had a kidney transplant 11 years ago and moved to Tokyo 6 months ago. You can legally bring a 60 day supply of medications with you into Japan. Prograf is readily available in Japan. However, Myfortic is not available. If you can tolerate Cellcept, that is available here. I, unfortunately, cannot tolerate Cellcept and have severe side effects. There are a couple alternatives for Cellcept and Myfortic that you can try. There is a fabulous Nephrologist at St. Luke's International hospital. He studied and practiced in the US and his English is very good. He knows all the meds and has been extremely helpful in getting the correct medication mix for me.
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