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Shimabara Peninsula by Car 2016/5/17 01:00
I am planning to travel to Unzen during my stay in Nagasaki this July, however, I would like to know if traveling by rental car is a good option rather than taking public transportation? Is it difficult for one to navigate the roads? I do have an international drivers permit (U.S.) but have no idea what the driving conditions would be like and if I should even attempt to do so. Any experiences driving around the peninsula would be greatly appreciated. Exploring other areas around Shimabara looks interesting.

Thank You
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Re: Shimabara Peninsula by Car 2016/5/17 18:24
Definitely go by car! Driving in Japan is slow but not difficult! An international drivers licence is fine, but I'd probably recommend you book the car online (very easy on any international car hire website), as the car hire places can sometimes be a bit difficult if a gaijin just rocks up and asks to hire a car...

Its a great neck of the woods and there is piles to see and do!

Check out my blog pages round this day on my trip to Shimbara last year in my campervan:
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Re: Shimabara Peninsula by Car 2016/6/2 22:59
Thank you very much for your response. I recently spoke to a native of the Kyushu area and they recommended I do not drive. The traffic is so bad that it is better to go by train, they said. However, they have never been to Shimabara. I guess I will decide when I arrive on July 7th.
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Re: Shimabara Peninsula by Car 2016/6/3 09:25
We used a rental car in the peninsula and didnft encounter any traffic problem. Driving in Nagasaki will inevitably involve some city traffic though. Also note that there is slopes to negotiate while driving to Unzen and the access road is winding.
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Re: Shimabara Peninsula by Car 2016/6/4 05:31
Thank you. I thought as much, but for my safety and the safety of others, I am thinking the bus to Unzen might be enough. I am just not a sophisticated driver and will need some time to get used to the jet lag. There should be buses that also can take you around Shimabara.
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