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SIM card vs wifi router 2016/5/17 13:10
Hey I am heading to Osaka for a week (from Australia). I always buy SIM cards with data packages when i travel, but i have heard that renting a router is better? Especially since there are 5 of us. Anyone knows where to rent good wifi routers? Or are SIM cards still better in terms of the coverage and use. Thanks!
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Re: SIM card vs wifi router 2016/5/17 19:16
it's cost vs convenient

if 5 of you plan to stick together, then getting ONE pocket wifi to be shared among 5.
if not, 5 of you may go separate, then get separate data sim for each.
so you decide on the cost of getting one pocket wifi or buying 5 sim card.

coverage wise will be the same since it uses the same SIM card, well depends on the SIM provider but mostly availabe are Docomo based SIM
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Re: SIM card vs wifi router 2016/5/18 11:08
A SIM card would be more convenient if your group will split up for activities during the day, so you can contact each other. I find that in Japan only your hotels and cafes provide free so it's quite hard to find wifi on the go. Whereas a router will provide unlimited data to be shared among the 5 of you. It depends on what you are looking for. Usually airport arrival halls have local telecom booths that sell SIM cards. For pocket routers, just a quick search online there are many: www.japan-wireless.com, www.pupuru.com/en/service/emobile/ etc. For outbound Australia you can try australia-wireless-rental.com or www.wiwander.com. Check them out!
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Re: SIM card vs wifi router 2016/5/18 12:04
I heard from a few friends that Japanese telecoms won't sell you a temporary SIM card unless it's for their own brand models, and prices are pretty steep for SIM card rentals. When i travel i usually survive on using unlocked wifi from hotels and restaurants, but i think your best bet would be to rent a router. You should check out both the outbound Aussie sites and Japan sites ^ to compare prices!
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Re: SIM card vs wifi router 2016/5/18 23:40
As others have said, to connect the 5 of you and your devices, a pocket mifi router is best but that does mean that you all always have to be together in reach of the router as you travel.

Otherwise,buying a sim card is a very good and reasonably priced option.

There are 2GB of data cards for about 3000JPY and 3GB for about 5000 JPY. For most people on holiday in Japan, either of these should suffice.
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