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Pocket wifi 2016/5/17 15:29
Hey, my family is heading to Osaka for a week. Should we get individual SIM cards with data plans or wifi routers? Anyone has good recommendations for wifi router rental (from Australia)?
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Re: Pocket wifi 2016/5/18 08:53
It doesn't matter which country you're in now to rent the wifi router; you will pick it up and drop it off in Japan, not Australia!

With SIM cards, you will each need one; but you could share a wifi router (most can have 4-5 devices connected). This will drain the battery, but if you keep the charger or a portable battery pack on you you can recharge during the day. So getting one or two wifi routers will probably be cheaper than individual SIM cards. I've heard that the SIM cards don't work in all phones, too.

The company I always use for wifi routers is ToCoo; they're the cheapest I've found and I've never had an issue with them.
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Re: Pocket wifi 2016/5/18 11:12
Haha same question as previous. A SIM card would be more convenient if your group will split up for activities during the day, so you can contact each other. I find that in Japan only your hotels and cafes provide free so it's quite hard to find wifi on the go. Whereas a router will provide unlimited data for around 5 users so it can be shared among the whole family. It depends on what you are looking for. Usually airport arrival halls have local telecom booths that sell SIM cards. For pocket routers, just a quick search online there are many: www.japan-wireless.com, www.pupuru.com/en/service/emobile/ etc. For outbound Australia you can try australia-wireless-rental.com or www.wiwander.com. Check them out and compare prices!
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