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Medications to Japan from Hawaii 2016/5/18 16:49
Please see list of medications
I need to know if it is allowed for me to take them with me
I have reservations to arrive in japan on May 25, 2016

Your response will be deeply appreciated
Thank you
by Pearl Awana (guest)  

Re: Medications to Japan from Hawaii 2016/5/19 10:11
It depends on how long you are going to Japan for. The general rule is you can take up to one months' supply of prescription medication and two months' supply of non-prescription medication, without any approval. However, some medications are strictly controlled and so to get an accurate answer, you should email the authority in Japan that deals with this.



You may have to get approval (yakkan shomei) but check with the above authority to confirm whether you will need one or not.
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