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Pocket wifi vs SIM card 2016/5/20 02:03
Hello all

hope all is well

My brother and I will be staying in Tokyo for about 10 days,
what are the best internet options?
i have done my research a lot of people suggest pocket wifi
but also some suggest a SIM card
i will totally depend on the internet.

If we get the pocket Wifi can my brother and I share it?

thanks !
by Eileenie  

Re: Pocket wifi vs SIM card 2016/5/20 12:31
This question has been answered several times; it comes down to your personal preference.

Yes, you can share a pocket wifi; but sharing it will make the battery drain faster so make sure you keep an eye on it!
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Re: Pocket wifi vs SIM card 2016/5/20 13:06
If you have done your research on pocket wifi and SIM, you would have notice that pocket wifi can be share.

Yes it can be shared via thethering , up to 10 devices depending on model.
SIM card is for individual use per device BUT if you phone have thethering function ability, then your phone can also act as a mobile wifi. Though battery drain faster and may not be as good as pocket wifi.
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Re: Pocket wifi vs SIM card 2016/6/1 20:51
If your brother get around Japan.
I recommend Mobile Wifi.

Y!mobile and Wimax are not good connection around local side.
Docomo's network is stable and wide area.

These service provide docomo's network wifi

CDJapan Rental

Sakura Mobile
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Re: Pocket wifi vs SIM card 2016/6/2 09:44
Get the wifi and a decent second battery (not the tiny add-on ones that the companies provide). I have a couple rated around 10,000mAh and I have no problem. Plus, they are useful for when your phones go flat.

The SIM option is just a more restrictive approach - single device. It is not like you can get a voice SIM in Japan unless you are resident (or pay a lot to one company that has a way around this), so you would still be on a data only plan.
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Re: Free Sim Card 2016/6/16 19:39
Hey, my friend told me that you can get a free sim card in Japan which has 5000 yen value. Check out the following page:

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