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Kyushu / Shikoku 30 days 2016/5/23 17:33

So following some of the responses I've got from my previous post (and a few other online resources) I've came up with this (very) rough plan:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/133oHgsSOQoj5WAW-U4zXDXqpHxDYZF... (comments are enabled).

I'm using the Japan guide itinerary for Kyushu with 1-2 minor additions. My biggest concern is the 4 days car rental, thoughts / alternatives would be much appreciated.

For Shikoku I originally thought about using a suggested itinerary by http://www.tourismshikoku.org/itineraries/ but many of the places don't appear on Google / Bing maps and I'm a bit at a loss. I've got about 10 days so any suggestions would be helpful.

The 2-3 days in Kyoto / Tokyo are kinda planned, but I'm always open for tips :D

Based on this itinerary, I don't think I need a JR pass right?

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Re: Kyushu / Shikoku 30 days 2016/5/23 20:50
Ifll put the numbers depending on the line they are written on the excel to answer the questions:
3) If youfre looking for things to do in Fukuoka, the city has a lot to offer. Check out http://www.japan-talk.com/jt/new/fukuoka for ideas on what to do.
For a walk around, you might want to look up Canal City Fukuoka and ACROS Fukuoka Foundation, which arenft too far apart and could be interesting as of architecture. A bit further down is Tenmangu Shrine (search for ɕ{V{ on Google Maps) and the Kyushu National Museum, with a pedestrian tunnel with a cool light show between them.
5) A day in Nagasaki is enough to see the main sights. The tours to Hashima (Gunkanjima) donft take that long, http://www.gunkanjima-cruise.jp/?lang=en and http://www.gunkanjima-cruise.jp/?lang=en are the main tours (you canft go to the island alone), I canft remember which one offered the audio in English though.
9) Yakushima: http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+110434
16) I would definitely spend at least a day in Matsuyama, but it depends on your personal tastes and what you like to do.
17) I already answered on reddit about Shikoku, so check back to that page :P
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Re: Kyushu / Shikoku 30 days 2016/5/24 00:51
Thanks :)

I think most of what's left is Shikoku which is slowly progressing :) Looking for a nice 3-4 day hike + other recommendations ^^
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Re: Kyushu / Shikoku 30 days 2016/5/24 17:03
That's a very good amount of time for those two islands.
For Nov 2nd - it's not Kyoto, but there actually is a good amount to see. The link above is good, but it leaves out so many great places. The Nokonoshima Island Park, Nanzoin, Yusentei, Rakusuien etc.... See:
Karatsu is actually a nice little city - the quaint castle is enjoyable. If you have a car and the weather is clear, the view from atop Kagamiyama is killer, and you can see the ocean Nanatsugama Caves and Nagoya castle remains (not to be confused with Nagoya in Aichi).
If you're going to see Gunkanjima (which is well worth it), it'll take up 3 hours, and if you succeed, more than a day is really needed to see the best of Nagasaki.
Don't miss eating the chanpon and saraudon, and at night go up to Mt Inasa for the "10 million dollar view".
For Matsuyama, the castle is one of Japan's best. The Dogo onsen is also famous and one of Japan's oldest - not sure if that's up your alley or not. Ishite Temple is another sight. If you want more, you could try going over to Ozu City for the castle, and Garyu Sanso villa/garden.
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Re: Kyushu / Shikoku 30 days 2016/5/25 06:02
All the locations in Kyushu listed are accessible by bus. So no need to hire a car "if" you dont want to.

I would probably add a day in Kagoshima to allow you to visit Sakurajima.

Also thing about a day in Miyazaki to visit it and Aoshima also.
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Re: Kyushu / Shikoku 30 days 2016/5/25 11:01
I doubt the time you have for Kagoshima is sufficient.

I believe all you are doing in Kirishima is sitting in an onsen? If you want to see the shrine and the museum / excavated artefacts you need more time. Meaning less time in Yakushima to do those morning hikes.
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