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How long to see Urabandai and Aizu? 2016/5/25 09:51
Not sure how many nights I need to stay in the area and where the best place to stay is. Staying in Urabandai seems very expensive.
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Re: How long to see Urabandai and Aizu? 2016/5/25 17:58
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Inawashiro lake around near railway station or southern side of Mt.Bandai.
(Ura- means northern=blind side)
Aizu-wakamatsu city (larger than Kitakata)
Kitakata city
Bandai-Atami(onsen town)
Koriyama city.
(larger than Aizu urban town just not like Tokyo)
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Re: How long to see Urabandai and Aizu? 2016/5/25 18:23
Just did a little more research and here are the places I would like to go in the area.

1. Goshikinuma Walk
2. Lake Hibara walking trail

3. Ouchijuku/Ouchishuku, Shimogō
4. Tonohetsuri, Shimogō
Couldn't find much on this but I would like to go on the walking trail with the suspension bridge (google images when searching Tonohetsuri)

I would like to know roughly how much time is needed for each place so I know how many nights to book.
Also, do you recommend one location to stay as a base for the above. I looked at staying near the Goshikinuma Walk but just seemed like a hassle getting in and out with no taxis and only buses available.
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