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Loud Park 101? 2016/5/28 02:50
I've never been to a real concert in my home country before let alone a music festival in a foreign country. So, will anyone be so kind as to give me useful information? Thank you.

Is there a schedule? How can I know the when and where of which band I want to see/hear? I just want to go for this one band and the rest are just omake. Is there an English guide of some sorts? Can I eat/bring my food on this event? How can I procure food? Is transportation around Saitama 24/7? What questions should I be asking??

Please don't tell me to "f****** google it". I did try to check the website but google translate is terrible and I am worse. And is it me or is the website kind of limited...Am I missing a button? I'd do a more in-depth independent research on other sites but 私の日本語能力は進んでない.
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Re: Loud Park 101? 2016/5/28 11:21
I'll try to answer some of your questions...

You can't find the lineup and timetable specifics because that info isn't posted yet; it's still too early. Check back closer to October. The website for last year's event had all that info (for last year in English: http://www.loudpark.com/15/english/).

For last year's FAQ, outside food and drink was not allowed to be brought in, but was sold at the venue. That's probably a rule of Saitama Super Arena, so I would assume this year would be the same. So plan to buy food there, or you may be able to leave and come back depending on the ticket and rules.

Depends on what you mean by "transportation"... Saitama Super Arena is easily accessed by JR lines from Tokyo, but those don't go 24 hours. I don't know exactly when the last train is (probably around 12am-ish) but check hyperdia for the schedule; it wont change much, if at all, between now and then. Taxi's will probably be available at any time.

Again, it's still too early for most of the information you're looking for, so be patient and start checking the website in July or August.
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