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Worth going to baseball game 2016/5/28 11:01
My grandfather is visiting Japan for the first time. He absolutely loves baseball. I've never met anyone as crazy about baseball as he is. My Japanese coworkers recommend that I take him to a baseball game while he's in Japan because he will love the atmosphere.

My grandfather speaks English and no Japanese. Will it be easy for him to understand what is going on despite the language difference? I know that sounds like a stupid question, but I know nothing about baseball.

Is it worth taking him to a game?
by Mel (guest)  

Re: Worth going to baseball game 2016/5/28 13:02
I think he would enjoy it... I enjoyed the game I went to, and I don't much care for sports!

First, even though it's all in Japanese, the rules are the same, so he'll understand what's going on no problem. Second, fans in Japan actually make the games a lot of fun... each player has his own chant from the crowd, and they're pretty easy to pick up. I think he'd enjoy the contrast, which is probably what your coworker meant by him enjoying the atmosphere. And a sports fan is a sports fan... language doesn't seem to matter to them!

I went to a small local game of my prefecture's team, which aren't very famous, and I had fun despite myself. I can imagine that taking your grandpa to a Giants or Tigers game (one of the big teams) would be the highlight of his trip!
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Re: Worth going to baseball game 2016/5/28 13:04
I go to baseball games when I'm in Japan. They are great to watch!The atmosphere is nothing like the US. The crowd really get into the game. It's an experience I'm sure he'd love. There are cheerleaders every 3rd inning, the crowds are constantly chanting fight songs, there are unique customs (umbrellas at Meiji Jingu), and the food you get is better than any American food and so is the beer! Trust me, take him to one and you'll never regret it (unless he asks you to bring him to another, and another...lol)
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Re: Worth going to baseball game 2016/5/28 13:54
During my 9 days in Japan I went to games in Yokohama, Hiroshima and the Tokyo Dome. The games were the best part of my trip. People eating ramen, bento boxes, cheer sticks, cheering sections with bands, balloons being released during the 7th inning and the girls that walk around with kegs on their backs in just part of being at a game. I would suggest anyone going to Japan to attend a game!!
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Re: Worth going to baseball game 2016/5/28 21:47
Thank you so much! I will definitely do this then!
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