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Does anyone know this song? 2016/5/29 00:27
I'll describe it as best as I can. I found the song whilst going through an old forum on Japan, as it automatically played when you went to the website. My issue is that I cannot find the website anymore. Here's the description:

The song starts off with a Japanese High-school bell [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuMfyndwARQ] and the sound of kids coming out. Then what sound like some sort of transition, like if you stand by a highway, the sound of the cars. It then starts as an acapella. A young woman starts singing [from what I've heard:
Hajimari kako wai nante...[pause]
Then a couple more verses of which I can't recall. A smooth chime comes in (sounds like a xylophone, or some variation of it. 4 notes play repetitively going from one low note to a high note)
There is also a man rapping in Japanese, but I couldn't catch what he was saying
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Re: Does anyone know this song? 2016/5/30 10:13
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