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Ise-wan ferry 2016/6/9 06:31
Hello you all,

I am planning my first ever trip to Japan for this July. I will be travelling by car and I want to take the Isewan ferry from Irago to Toba.

Does anyone know if I need to book a ticket on the ferry or if I should just show up?

If there is no ticket booking, does anyone have tips about how early or late I should be there to avoid having to wait a whole day?

Any info about this ferry ride will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
by Hauk  

Re: Ise-wan ferry 2016/6/9 10:51
Although reservation seems to be not absolutely necessary, you can book if you want, but only by telephone in Japanese. Personally I have never used this line, therefore I donft know how busy this line is. But I am a lover of ferry travel, I would reserve to make it sure.
You can book since three months before till the previous day of your departure, during 9:00-17:00 by telephone, Irago port: 0531-35-6217 (number of reservable vehicles is 10)
No reservation by mail and no direct reservation on the day.
No reservation is accepted during the three high seasons (this year: April 29-May 8, August 6-August 16 and December 29 to January 4, 2017).
You must show up at least 20 minutes before the departure at the ticket office with your car registration papers.
No cancel fee.

The below link might not be useful for reservation, but itfs in English, you could have a rough idea of this ferry line.

Here is the link for the time-table.

As you see, the time-table is consited of three types A, B and C, and the color of each table corresponds to the color of the calendar. The port names in Japanese of each table correspond respectively, H to Toba(departure) and ɗnj to Irago(departure). The interval time of two departures is 80 minutes. If not booking, I myself would show up in line just after or around the previous departure. The possibility of boarding will be very high.
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Re: Ise-wan ferry 2016/6/10 19:26
Thank you so much for your help.
I will ask the receptionist at my hotel to call the day before. Alternatively I will do as you said and show up right after another departure.
Thanks again :)
by Hauk rate this post as useful

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