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Japanese Breakfast Food 2005/2/17 03:36
I was and exchange student in japan in the 80s. When there I had a omlette/meat/pancake like thing for breakfast with a mouth watering sauce. I would love to have this again but forget what it is called, anyone know?
by Grant  

Omurice 2005/2/17 11:03
Hi. Omolet rice called Omurice. Link to basic recipe below. Different restaurants use different sauces an ingredients. There are actually Omurice restaurants now as they are popular for more then just breakfast.
by Steve in Azabujuban rate this post as useful

or Okonomiyaki? 2005/2/17 11:06
Should mention that although your description sounds more like Okonomiyaki, this is not so usual for breakfast. Link below. Both responses provided pictures, so you can decide.
by Steve in Azabujuban rate this post as useful

To Steve 2005/3/11 03:12
Could you possibly tell me where some Omurice restaurants are in Tokyo? I'd really like to try it when I visit. ^ ^
by Carolynn rate this post as useful

Omurice 2005/3/11 10:52
Hi Carolynn - The one I eat at is close to Daimon station. If you take exit # 4 and turn left, it is about 1 minutes walk on the left. This said, one of the best values I have seen for Omurice is at DENNY's. Yes, same as the US Chain, but unlike the US, Denny's in Japan has improved both its quality and selections along with excellent service. Plus they are open 24 hours.Also if you don't speak/read Japanese, Denny's has both pictures and English on their menus. Also as this is a popular dish, you can find it at many restaurants, though some simply use catsup as the sauce vs something more flavourful.
by Steve in Azabujuban rate this post as useful

Daimon Exit 2005/3/11 12:39
To clarify the exit # it is A4.
by Steve in Azabujuban rate this post as useful

How much is Omurice 2005/6/20 10:30
How much is omurice?
by Bec Copeman rate this post as useful

places 2005/6/22 08:24
you can find the rice dishes in Tokyo Station (the big main one) when you arrive. Many of the shops there in the restaurant area will have various variations of such.


As for okonomiyaki, Asakusa temple on the weekends at the open vendor stalls. Very yummy!
by David rate this post as useful

Omurice in Tokyo 2007/9/17 14:30
In Odaiba at AquaCity, there is a restaurant on the top floor that only serves various types of omurice dishes. They range from the basic to outrageous. Think iHop for omurice.
by ghoshida rate this post as useful

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