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iPhone SIM 2016/6/21 11:04

I will be studying this Autumn in Japan for an exchange and I would like to know my options for nano SIM cards. I will be in Japan for about 5 months. I generally use about 2-3 GB per month, I don't necessarily need a Japan number (but it would be easier to call/contact with a number in Japan?) and a monthly contract would be the best option for me. I have found bmobile but reviews/answers for it are a bit backdated. And obviously the visitor SIM won't work for me.

So, my questions are:
1. Is there a student plan/price for SIM cards?
2. How are bmobile plans now? Are there any others that are similar?
3. Can I get a number if I am only in Japan for 5 months? Because I understand that there's some restrictions for visitors, though I may be wrong on this.

Thank you!
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Re: iPhone SIM 2016/6/21 18:41
Basically, you can get a Japanese phone number if and only if you are a resident of Japan (i.e., you have a resident card and all that jazz).

About the available options, just do a search in here.
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Re: iPhone SIM 2016/6/21 19:45
And having a student visa will get me a resident card, yes?
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Re: iPhone SIM 2016/6/21 19:58
Since you are staying for more than three months, yes.
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Re: iPhone SIM 2016/6/25 05:41
B-mobile offer a range of different SIM plans, including data only plans although these plans can be found on the Japanese website (http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/product_old.html). I would recommend looking into their data plans and if you are interested getting a phone number, just make sure the plan allows to make phone calls. Ifve been using one of their SIM free data plans. Basically I have unlimited internet for a base cost and phone calls and other perks are incur additional fees. Itfs a very cheap plan although unfortunately itfs no longer available to new customers. You can also find SIM cards at large electronics stores such as BIC CAMERA and Yadobashi Camera or order them online from Amazon Japan.

By the way, you donft need to be living in Japan for a long time to get a phone number. All you need to do is activate the SIM card. Once you buy the SIM card, you can only activate it by registering an account on the b-mobile website and verifying your address, so youfll need to provide them with your address in Japan, credit card details and a form of identification that is recognized in Japan (eg. Residency card, Japanese national health insurance card). They will send you a letter in the mail to verify your address so make sure you are able to intercept the letter.

Anyway, good luck. I hope that helps.
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Re: iPhone SIM 2016/6/25 06:08
@ababa178 Out of curiosity, what data speeds do you get with your b-mobile plan?
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