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Does anybody know this Shinkansen melody? 2016/6/23 04:49
Hi everyone.

I recorded this jingle on the 5th of may 2016, at the Shin-osaka station, when I was about to go to Himeji (on the Sakuro 551 Shinkansen).
I love this melody so much, I recorded it but the quality isn't quite good. Does anybody recognize this jingle and can someone give me a ling to a high quality sound? I searched online for this melody but couldn't find it yet...
The melody: http://picosong.com/xkGD/

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Does anybody know this Shinkansen melody? 2016/6/23 12:00
I knew it sounded familiar! I recorded this last year at Shin-Kobe waiting for my 500 series to show up.... it's at the 3:07 point.

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Re: Does anybody know this Shinkansen melody? 2016/6/23 14:09
Is it this?
The first one of the melodies of this video might be what you are searching.
According to the explanation of the video (in Japanese), this is one of the five melodies adopted since March 9, from the anime film “Galaxy Express 999”, and played only at Shin-Kobe, Okayama, Hiroshima, Kokura and Hakata stations. But I don’t know very much of the anime films. Others will help you.
And see also:
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Re: Does anybody know this Shinkansen melody? 2016/6/23 14:32
Sorry I was mistaken when I said “five melodies”, but “five stations” is correct.
But it may have nothing to do with the anime film. I think however that the first melody is surely what you are searching. I hope others will help you.
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Re: Does anybody know this Shinkansen melody? 2016/6/23 14:34
This train arr melody with announcement now all Sanyo shinkansen stations using.
Calling "Hikari chime/ひかりチャイム" started from 1987.
"Hikari/ひかり" is first Shinkansen train name as Shinkansen history. (the name still using)
Melody feels like very famous world wide big hit song of 1984
"Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band aid" but this is "original".

Also this old sound arranged one using for dep melody
at JR Shinagawa station platform no.15 in Tokyo.
(not for shinkansen tracks also not other number tracks)
This melody title is "ML-24".

Real old one over 30yrs ago like this.

Copy to YouTube or add "mp3" for Google if another one want.
arr meldy : 接近メロディー/sekkin melody 接近放送/sekkin-housou
dep melody : 発車メロディー/hassya melody or shorty 発メロ/hatu-melo
Train sound fans are calling "音鉄/oto-tetu".
音 means "sound" 鉄 means short of 鉄道ファン/tetudou=Rail fan.
"fan" means widely includes "mania" and "otaku".
A lot of 音鉄 web exist also they are very "crazy"
as perfectionist than other category rail fans.
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Re: Does anybody know this Shinkansen melody? 2016/6/24 06:56
Yes, you are right, that was the melody I was looking for! I will download this. It's odd to hear there are hardcore fans of the train sounds, but it's normal to expect such a thing from of a perfectionistic country like Japan.

Thank you very much!

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