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Global Advanced Communications 2016/6/23 16:07
Hello Guys!

I am planning a trip to Japan (Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo) with my girlfriend and we are contemplating on which rental wifi service to avail. On our search, we came across this rental company called Global Advanced Communications.

1) we are both heavy users of smart phones and I'm thinking if the 21 Mbps variant (Eco wifi) is sufficient for us or we should opt for the higher variant (75 Mbps Standard wifi). I don't think battery life would be an issue since we both own a 15K MaH power banks

2) according to the site of GAC, the 21 Mbps Eco Wifi is unlimited data. is it really unlimited? say for instance, can we consume 5GB of data a day, if we can, and speed won't drop to GPRS standard?

by FirstTimeJapanTraveller (guest)  

Re: Global Advanced Communications 2016/6/30 11:52
Yes, it is unlimited. I have used that company twice while in japan and both times were flawless. I highly recommend them.
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Re: Global Advanced Communications 2016/6/30 22:18
I always opt for the 75Mbps. The battery can last 10-12 hrs and chargeable through powerbank. I've used their service twice and no complain.
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