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Korean insurance for Japanese-licenced car 2016/6/23 22:21
Hi guys,

I'd love to do a driving trip round Korea in my kei campervan.

However, I'm stuck on car insurance. The only info I have been able to gleam is from a blog from one Japanese driver who said he paid Y60,000 to be covered for accidents for a 3-week driving tour in Korea.

That seems an outrageous amount and makes it far more expensive (if you also take in the cost of also putting the car on the ferry to Pusan) than just hiring a car in Korea.

I know the instinctive reaction of many of you will be 'why not hire a car in Korea', but I'd really love to go in my own campervan!

Has anybody got any bright ideas on how/whether I can find some kind of reasonably-priced insurance policy?

I had been thinking of seeing if I could get a temporary policy with a Korean insurance company, but don't speak/write Korean and Korea doesn't seem to have a JAF equivalent that I can contact for info on the issue...

Any suggestions would be cool, even if its just directing me to a Korean equivalent of japan-guide!!!
by andy (guest)  

Re: Korean insurance for Japanese-licenced car 2016/6/24 11:31
I suspect the cost is high because if you do have an accident, the Japanese insurance company will have to deal with Korean police and lawyers. That will probably require hiring a translator and international phone calls, increasing the cost of dealing with the insurance claim.
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Re: Korean insurance for Japanese-licenced car 2016/6/24 16:08
you can join the insurance, when you enter Korea.
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