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Mos Burger 2005/2/17 15:11
I am Japanese. I have a simple question.
I like MOS BURGER the best of fast food restaurants.
I think many Japanese people agree with me.
Have you ever tried ?
I've never seen forigners there.
Just I'd like to know what foreigners think of the taste.
Thank you !
by Zun  

MOS Burger, yeah! 2005/2/17 18:52
I like MOS Burger a lot and I eat there occasionally. Beats the hamburger places by a mile.
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no way! 2005/2/17 22:38
I think it's the most disgusting burger I've ever eaten.....sorry MOS lovers!
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dont like 2005/2/18 08:46
I don't like it at all... but I like Freshness burgers much!
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mos burger rocks 2005/3/6 09:29
i live in singapore and am moving to tokyo....but from US. Love mos burger!!! spicey mos cheeseburger and seafood kakiage are the 2 best!
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Yum!! 2005/3/7 23:22
I agree, the MOS cheeseburger is simply the best, mmmmmmmm.
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yum. 2005/3/10 15:52
well i like mos. it's a helluva lot better than mcDo x_x
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MOS is a weird copy of McDonalds 2005/3/11 19:29
Personally I think MOS burger sells food which must have been rejected from the McDonalds menu.

The burgers , aspecialy the MOS burger , are very very .... VERY messy to eat. I find the overly generous helping of sauce drips all over the place or is left in the little paper bag you eat it from. Then there's the dreadful shredded , tastless cabbage they stuff into it, completely pointless. The only way they could make it worse is to make you eat your burger with chopsticks.
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MOSt Oishii Burger! 2005/3/13 11:21
MOS burger is quite popular in Sigapore and Malaysia.. Despite it is a little bit messy to eat, it is OISHII!

I would say there are foreigners there in Japan's MOS Burger (including me :p) and most of the time, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkonger, Korean and Chinese from other nationals (including Singaporean & Malaysia Chinese) could be of difficult to differentiate from the western tourists. Agree? Ja.
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i like 2005/3/13 12:27
When I lived in Japan, I use to go to MOS all the time. They had a lot more variety then most other places.
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not as good as u say 2005/3/14 00:41
well i just came back fr sendai having tasted Mos burger.i think it tastes average only.i would prefer mcdonald's.
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Jyudan 2005/3/20 00:35
Thank you for many opinions.
By the way, have you tried "jyudan" ?
It is sold for a limited time by 1,000 yen in MOS BURGER.
I ate it yesterday.
The taste is very good, but too expensive, isn't it ?
I think McDonald can't follow this.
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Mos Burger 2005/4/27 15:12
I just had a Mos Burger for lunch. It was INCREDIBLY messy, but at least all the ingredients were very fresh, unlike the fast food places in England.
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Red or Green 2005/4/27 19:05
There are Two types MOS.
The MOS put up a green sign board provides special menu "Takumi" or "Judan", red sign board provides ordinary menu.

Check out Green MOS.
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Ummm... 2005/4/29 22:52
I'd kill to have a Mos Chicken Burger with cabbage in it. Simply delicious!
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Yum 2005/4/29 23:19
I've never had such nice fast food in my life before. I love the beef strip rice burger. Quite simply delicious. It was messy and the rice bun had a tendency to crumble.

The best was washing it down with some bright green melon fanta! :D

I still have dreams of it that burger.
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Did not like! 2005/4/30 03:27
My daughter and I were in Tokyo last month and tried MOSburger. Didn't like the sauce they put on the burger at all!

However, ate at a McDonalds in Kyoto and it was great!
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MOS is the MOST 2005/4/30 03:42
DELICIOUS. Love their dogs too!
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Just try 2005/4/30 08:26
I like coffee shake especially.
It is a little sweet but better.
I can't drink chocolate shake in Mac any more!!
Please try coffee shake in MOS once.
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wassup with MOS 2005/7/11 16:47
Why are you promoting MOS burgers so much. Are you one of the salesman? I havent had a chance to try MOS burger yet but lets see next time i am in Japan, I will do so...
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