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Is iVideo pocket wifi famous? 2016/7/1 14:22
I am lookng for pocket wifi or hotspot for my Japan tour. I have found a website about it. Has anyone ever heard about it? It is very cheap , but how about the signal? I would not want to fet on the internet during my trip. Hope anyone gives some suggestion. Thanks! http://goo.gl/jOJjha
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Re: Is iVideo pocket wifi famous? 2016/7/2 22:15

But SoftBank is one of major career(big cellphone service company) of Top 3(docomo/NTT,au/KDDI,Softbank).
"4G LTE" Signals are no problem.
(colored in Red all areas are so)

304ZT specs:
But this model a bit old 2014's but no problem.
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Re: Is iVideo pocket wifi famous? 2016/7/4 00:25
of the top 3, softbank have the least best coverage.
comparably good in cities but once you outside ...
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