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How do Fujikyu Bus fares work? 2016/7/6 05:16

I'm planning to stay at Kawaguchiko and explore downwards toward Fujinomiya and have some questions regarding the use of local buses. I believe this is the schedule -

I refer to the green columns in the table toward Shin-Fuji station.
Specifically, I'll be taking the 2:08pm local bus at Kawaguchiko Station and alighting at Shiraito Falls at 3:20pm for a visit. Then I'll board the 7:20pm bus to continue toward Fujinomiya.

I'd like to know if it's wise to drop off at Shiraito Falls and then board the bus again later? How is the fare calculated: will it be the same amount as taking 1 uninterrupted trip toward Fujinomiya (by distance)?

Oh, and I also need to know if I've read the schedule wrongly. Thanks!

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Re: How do Fujikyu Bus fares work? 2016/7/6 09:33
The full fare table does not seem to be available, but normally the stopover should make the trip slightly more expensive.

Yes, you read the schedule correctly.
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