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Japanese friend online 2016/7/17 18:02
Hello all,
So I am planning to go to Japan for my work and two of my online japanese friends ( whom I've never met) said they would like to take me out for dinner( seperately. I am talking about two different friends who invited me.) These friends will be travelling for like 1 to 2 hours to meet me. I wanted to know if it is normal in Japan for friends to meet for dinner or its because I am a gaijin. These guys are really nice and I know them for 2-3 years. I just don't want to give them any wrong idea by going to dinner as I intend to remain only friends! Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Japanese friend online 2016/7/18 11:56
This is because they like you. The otherwise, they won't invite you.
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Re: Japanese friend online 2016/7/18 12:12
I don't know if those friends are living in the greater Tokyo area, but take into consideration that the average commuting time for people working in central Tokyo is something like around one hour one way, and many commute over one hour, on trains. So... unless someone is saying he is going to travel on Shinkansen Limited Express one way for 2 hours to see you, I wouldn't consider it anything "big." Are you coming on a business trip (short term) or for a work assignment over several months? If it is the latter, I wouldn't meet up right after arrival, not to give them any wrong impression that you couldn't wait to meet them :)

While dinner with friends is usual particularly for people working during weekdays, you could suggest lunch or something else if you don't feel comfortable with dinner, asking them where their workplace is, etc.

Most likely they are simply excited to be able to meet their online friends "in person" finally.
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Re: Japanese friend online 2016/7/19 01:36
Thank you for your replies!!
They are both from kansai region and will be coming from a different prefectures to see me. One of them will be coming by car. I will be in japan for few days only travelling to 2-3 places (short term trip) Also, I think they'll be working in daytime ?so maybe invited me for dinner? not sure about that...
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Re: Japanese friend online 2016/7/19 22:18
Oh, if you are staying only for a few days, and if those guys are working, then the only way to "meet up" would be for dinner, I guess. Then it's simply up to what you feel like :)

I don't know if this gives any good indication, but I am a Japanese female, and I made some "friends" right here on this Forum. Meaning, I found a few "regular" posters with questions that showed that they had genuine and sincere interests in Japan, and I decided to send them Messages in addition to posting my answers on the threads, which later led to direct e-mail exchanges. (Sorry I'm being anonymous this time.) Then when those guys came to visit Japan (they have been doing so), I decided to meet up with them in person. I had their full name, city/country they are from, general age range, gender (both male), marital status, but no photo or any more details. Of course they had similar information about me. Not connected on SNS yet then, so we had no photos of one another.

The first time I met up with them, well, I should say him, because I met them on separate occasions, it was together with my husband (English-speaking non-Japanese resident in Japan). We found each other to be trustworthy people, so from the second time on, it was me alone with the guy, going out to lunch or for an afternoon at a museum, garden, etc.

So... what's common is that it is in Japan, what's different is that you are the visitor meeting up with a Japanese guy, the reverse situation to mine. But if you are ok with meeting them in person at all, but have no real personal details, I would use the "usual caution," like not giving out your hotel name, not letting them come into your room, or not going to their home for dinner or whatsoever lol. But just because they are asking you out to dinner, I would not immediately associate that with their romantic interest and worry in that sense. Of course, if having to think about all this on your business trip is bothersome, you can always say oh you are too busy on this short business trip :)
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