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Luggage lockers in Yushien Garden 2016/7/20 11:28
Hi all,
I've tried checking google and the official sites (Japanese and English) to no avail, so please let me try asking if someone knows the answer.

I'm going to Matsue in September for a concert and I'm landing in Yonago airport in the AM. I love gardens so I was hoping to see Yushien Garden, and I was thinking of going directly from the airport via Sakai-Minato, visiting Yushien, and continuing on to Matsue to check in at my hotel and visit the city before the show (18:30, and the venue is close to the Shinjiko sunset observatory). I can't go the next day because I'm seeing that singer in Yonago as well and will go to Adachi Museum before then.

My question is: while logistics wise the plan is doable, I will have a mid sized suitcase with me. Is there anywhere I can leave that at Yushien as I visit the garden? Lockers or storage facility, anything works.
I don't have a driving license so rent-a-car is unfortunately not an option.
Thanks for your help!
by krr (guest)  

Re: Luggage lockers in Yushien Garden 2016/7/20 14:52

Try this email address :
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Re: Luggage lockers in Yushien Garden 2016/7/20 16:12
there are no lockers there as far as i saw.

i simply kept my lugguage in matsue station. they have good lockers there.

however i think if you ask people at the entrance or at one of the many restaurants located in the garden, they will probably keep the luggage for you if you ask them.
by Glimpigumpi rate this post as useful

Re: Luggage lockers in Yushien Garden 2016/7/20 16:14
ah sorry, didnt read your full post. well, i dont think it is a problem to put down your luggage at the entrance somewhere. this place is not so crowded (there are almost no tourists from foreign countries) and people are very friendly there
by Glimpigumpi rate this post as useful

Re: Luggage lockers in Yushien Garden 2016/7/20 17:44
Thank you all for your replies!
by krr (guest) rate this post as useful

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