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Yutoku Inari Shrine 2016/7/23 07:10
During the couple of days I will be in Kyushu for this November, I'd like to visit Yutoku Inari Shrine.

I'm having a little trouble finding the bus schedule that runs from Hizen Kashima Station to the shrine and back. Is there a website where this can be viewed?

Also, how long would it take to see all the shrine has to offer, including the museum and garden? I'm hoping to visit Karatsu afterwards so I'm wondering if this is feasible or whether I should go to Nagasaki instead and rearrange things to do Karatsu another day.

If not Karatsu or Nagasaki, where else nearby would be good to visit that has good rail connections back to Hakata?

Many thanks!
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Re: Yutoku Inari Shrine 2016/7/23 16:43
See whether the discussion on an older thread is of use and letfs hope the listed bus schedules are not outdated yet.

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Re: Yutoku Inari Shrine 2016/7/23 19:12
I would probaly consider Karastu on a different day. Hakata to the shrine will take about 90 mins. The shring to Karastu,again 90s mins. Karastu to Hakata, again 90 mins.

Say you do the normal 9-5 tourist thing. you'll only have 3.5 hours total for taxi/bus/sightseeing. Maybe if you went early, say 700-730am or happy to return to Fukuoka in the dark, then it might work.

For something closer to the shrine to save travel time, maybe try Takao-Onsen. Have lunch, have a bath, check out the huge library.
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Re: Yutoku Inari Shrine 2016/7/25 04:10
Thankyou very much for both of your responses!

- Usually I'm fine with being on trains a lot. Especially with the efficiency and relative comfort of Japanese trains, I don't mind it :)

I hadn't actually considered Takeo-Onsen! Do you know which bath houses in particular have private baths to reserve, without an overnight plan?
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