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Harajuku new/used clothing store? 2005/2/24 01:41
Tokyo 23-ku
I was just wondering if anyone knows of any sepcific stores to buy cool vintage rock and roll t-shirts in Harajuku? I'm having a hard time locating any online, so i thought i'de ask you guys!
thanks heaps,
by Matt  

Takeshita Dori? 2005/2/27 23:20
I think they're generally located along a narrow street called Takeshita Dori. Just cross the street from the Takeshita Exit of JR Harajuku Station. Don't forget to check the small alleys. The Stones' shop Gimme Shelter moved to Shibuya though. T-shirts for specific artists are often sold at each artist's websites.
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vintage 2005/2/27 23:24
I realised, they generally sell new ones at the places I just mentioned. For vintage, I'm not sure if they have rockn'roll stuff, but maybe Ura-harajuku area is better. Go to the corner of streets Meiji Dori and Omotesando, and check the alleys closer to the post office.
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Check this out. 2007/4/3 14:53
I found this website while browsing for used clothes myself. click on shops imagination at the top right hand corner. you'll find a lot of shops there the addresses are in english but the descriptions are in japanese.
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location 2007/7/28 17:59
hi, can anyone help me point out the exact location for Ura-Harajuku on wikimap?
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