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is there a manga/anime city in japan? 2005/2/28 02:33
i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is some sort of anime city in japan or if all the anime and manga indudstry is located in around one area (stuff like that)
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Anime 2005/3/1 01:09
I hear that Sendai is a popular place for Anime/Manga production/culture, but I cannot confirm this.

It seems these days most anime production has been outsourced from Japan to Korea, and Japanese animators only make about 300-500 yen per frame.

If you're looking for anime/managa merchandise, most game stores carry some, and most shopping districts will have a GAMER'S or an ANIMATE store...they carry a lot of popular goods. Gamer's is owned by Broccoli, so you'll find a lot of Di Gi Carat and Galaxy Angel things in their stores. Messe Sanoh in Tokyo has a floor of nice anime goods, too.
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. 2005/3/1 02:33
There are many anime studios in Suginami Ward, Tokyo.

"There are over 70 anime studios in Suginami out of about 400 in Japan. Suginami is the Anime Town."
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hi 2005/3/11 06:52
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mmmmhmmm. 2005/10/10 14:22
There is an actual city called Anime Town. there are quite a few studios and cafeterias and a whole buch of stuff. i want to go there. it would be very exciting. sorry, i doubt u care. LOL.
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thankz 2005/10/15 21:22
lolz i do care actually to know im not the only one ;) thankz guys
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Of course! 2005/10/17 06:54
Yes. It is called Suginami Ward. A lot of the anime headquarters are there: VIZ Productions, the company that holds Inuyasha, is located there. Anything else about it, I don't know.
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yes there is one 2007/7/8 04:03
yes i know there is an Anime Toen in Japan, for once Rumiko Takahashi works thee creating the hit anime series InuYasha. duh people
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Suginami- manga town? 2007/7/8 08:05
Hmm. Anyine who is into anime shouldn't get too excited about visiting Suginami ward though- I lived there for 5 years without ever realising it was famous for anime- you would never know.

What is more obvious is that there are a lot of famous ramen shops there and several sumo stables nearby so it is common to see sumo wrestlers, but otherwise Suginami ward looks like any other suburb of Tokyo.
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The city! 2007/10/17 12:26
Akihabara also known as Akiba, I've been told that its the center for computer elec, Manga and Anime.
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Akiba 2007/10/17 23:00
I think Akiba is more known for "otaku" culture (maid cafes, and anime shops) but not for producing anime and manga. LOL on a fun note, Ikebukuro has "otome" road which is supposed to be Akiba for girls (like instead of maid cafes there are butler cafes).
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. 2007/10/17 23:49
Akihabara has gone commercial and some have say abandoned the Otaku that made it. Another area you want to try to look for (in shopping that is) is in Nakano Broadway (near Nakano Station), theres 4 floors of anime shops and stores. Check out Mainichi news they recently did a story.
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There truly is one!! 2008/6/12 23:34
Indeed, there is! I have been to this town (I'm very sorry; I don't quite recall the name) but if you enjoy anime, then, this town ought to be named a pure paradise. Numerous satudios and stores can be found, also, on very lucky days, the authrs of the animes do signings on books, merchandise, etc. Once Rumiko Takahashi (creator of the hit anime series INUYASHA) came out for a signing. People camped out ON THE STREETS to get her autograph! Expect crowds. And lot's of them.
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