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Zara in Osaka? 2005/2/28 15:03
Osaka City
Does anyone know if there is a Zara in Osaka?
by Flick  

hi, 2005/2/28 20:00
Is Zara an English word? I can`t find it in my dictionary.
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ZARA 2005/4/17 01:13
Unfortunetely, we don't have ZARA in Osaka, only in Katou area like Tokyo and in some other Kyushu area. I hope there were ZARA in Osaka too.
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And Kyoto! 2005/4/17 21:07
I just passed a Zara store around Shijo-Karasuma in Kyoto today!
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So? 2007/5/3 22:42
Do you know whether Zara sells the same sizes as in Europe or the US?
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yes, there is a zara shop in osaka 2007/11/30 02:49
Yes, there is a zara in osaka. One in Umeda, and another in Shinsaibashi
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Zara 2007/11/30 05:40

the USA/Canadian sizes got to be bigger than Euro sizes as most North Americans are bigger. the Japanese sizes would be similar to Euro ones. but why not buy Japanese clothes FROM Japanese stores??
clothes from Zara, H & M etc. aren't great quality. these companies specialize in reproducing the latest fads quickly and cheaply, moving stocks every couple of weeks to another fad etc. the idea is that customers will buy something new and cheap every week or so! their clothes aren't supposed to last as they look dated quickly.
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for tall people, Zara is good 2007/11/30 10:24
Red frog, regardless of the quality, for tall women Zara is one of the few places in Japan we can buy clothes to fit us. Beggars can't be choosers!

Some of their cheaper stuff does wear out quickly but the pricier stuff tends to be better made and lasts longer. I just threw away a pair of Zara jeans I wore for 5 years.

The sizes are mentioned on the label for Europe, the US, Mexico and Japan I believe.

I do a lot of shopping there because it is one of the few shops in the world that makes trousers long enough for me- I have very long legs even for my height, and whenever I go to Zara the shops are full of Japanese and foreign women a similar build to me- they obviously fill a niche there.
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Zara in Tokyo? 2007/11/30 14:22
Where is the Zara in Tokyo located? I plan to stay in the Shinjuku area.
Thanks for any info!
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Zara 2007/11/30 19:02
There are quite a few Zaras in Tokyo- Shibuya, Harajuku, Kichijoji, and one in Shinjuku. The one in Shinjuku is a bit tricky to find- you need to turn right as you come out the East exit, and go back towards the South exit- the Zara is right inside the building next to the Benetton store.

If you take the Yamanote Line 2 stations to Harajuku, there is a big Zara store on the right hand side of Omotesando as you go away from the station, just before the Meiji dori crossing.
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Thanks! 2007/12/6 15:47
Thanks Sira! Surely i'll be able to find one of these!
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