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can non japanese become geisha? 2005/3/1 00:15
hi i really would like to become a geisha in future. i am 14 years at the moment and i will be 15 this year.
i am maltese and wanna know if i could be one someday.
by denise  

Reply 2005/3/1 17:48

To be completely honest and frank, there really is 0% chance of becoming a geisha if you are not of Japanese desent or extremely skilled in various arts of the geisha (and even then I highly doubt it will be the case).

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Don't let go of your dreams! 2005/3/1 22:25
I hope Denise clicks that link and reads further on to the encouragement. Anyway, at 14, you have numerous possibilities. And who knows how the world will change in the future!
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Yes. 2005/3/2 10:19

I know that some foreigner (I forgot where she was from)
she actuly became Geisha.
I saw on the tv before.
I don't know why you wanna be a Geisha but, I think you shoul'd reserch more about what is Geisha and how to be one.They said and the tv that they only have
once a month day off.
You have to speak Japanese fluently and you have to learn traditional manner,
daytime is a full of different kinds of lesson to be Geisha. If you still wanna be one, you shoul'd check about city of Kyoto in Japan.
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do you live in Malta ? 2005/3/2 16:36
Hey Denise

do you live in Malta ? Curious why you are interested in becoming a Geisha - I live in Gozo and my wife is Japanese, but she is very un-Geisha like !
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hope the future smiles at me!! 2005/3/2 19:15
hum..... i just really want to be a geisha...but my parents totally think i am mad and didn't take eriously.. :( i have no help, unfortunately.

i saw a documentary about geishas and even found a bit information about them. they way they beautiful so so fascinating!!!! i wish i was japanese so things would be easier........
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from myself :) 2005/3/2 19:26
well.... actually i really really like japanese language, and i certainly would like to learn it and the othe rthings that masybe i would matter what ! anybody can suggest me a site or anything so i would learn more about geisha etc? thanks for the help!!!!! (when i want something so so damn much...i always get it, i never give up!!)
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Denise 2005/3/2 20:30
Type "geisha" on the upper left "Search This Site" devise. It will lead you to an informative page full of links and book titles.

As you study about geisha, you will learn that the job is already tough enough for Japanese locals. Even Japanese parents would say you're mad if their daughter says she wants to become a geisha. I would :)

But that's where you start, and I'm sure your parents will be proud if some day you achieve your real dream whatever it may change into.
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About Geisya. 2005/3/3 21:34
Hi Denise.
I belive you must have watched nice movies about Geisya girls .I am glad to know that non-Japanese people are so attracted by Japanese culture.
Well, I have a friend who is living living in Kyoto and knows a little about Geisya girls.
Let me write down something what he told me about them.
He told me that they have their own special school to learn Japanese traditional dancing ,singing and basic manner.
And, finishing the study and being a Geisya girl is really hard.
Well, anyway , the story about Geisya girls are so mysterious even to Japanese.
I may check a little about them later.

Talk to you later.

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em.... 2005/3/4 18:51
i have another question there a fixed age on how old you must be to become maiko?
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Reply 2005/3/4 20:22
If I remember correctly, you usually start at a very young age. First you would just be an apprentice, sort of, where you would follow a maiko around for a period of time. During this time, your hair has to be left long but not in a traditional style. I'm not quite sure how long afterwards before you become a maiko. Each gradition to the next level would usually require the girl to do a graduation dance.

I'm not quite sure if the info is fully accurate, it's just info I remembered reading some time ago.
is a great site I use to gather info about geisha's. Other than that, there are a bunch of books for sale on amazon.

I hope this helps
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Its difficult but not impossible!! 2005/3/5 16:21
if you have the determination, good for you!!!

Geisha is a dying trade.. Young Japanese girls dun want to be a geisha.. its very nice and encouraging to hear someone from another culture wanting to learn this traditional Jpan culture..

there are also alot of sacrifices like you cannot get married for the rest of your life and have to learn everything from scratch..

anyway good luck to you
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ok...... 2005/3/8 20:53
hey! thanks so much for the help!

lol i have got so much questions..... ... when you become a maiko, you have to speak japanese fluently already? or can you learn japanese at the sa
me time?
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?? 2005/3/9 08:01
Well I would say you need to know it already, this is because you probably need to speak to the Okaasan of the geisha house and to be able to follow instructions.
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How about sending a letter? 2005/3/10 02:30
Hi, again.
Well, Japanese language is very needed.
Except for very special case, the language is everywhere required in Japan.
Well, how about sending a letter to them in English?.
I believe they will know what you want to do even they don't speak English.

Talk to you later.

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. 2005/3/11 16:44
I just finished reading this book and it has a lot of information and background that might help you..

Geisha : A Life
by Mineko Iwasaki, Rande Brown
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RE: an American Geisha 2005/3/16 06:03
Liz Dalby was the first white person to become a true Geisha. She wrote a book about her experience and I found it very well written and very informative. She did it as a research project for her Anthropology degree. The book is easy to find on Mrs. Dalby lives in Berekley, California and lectures occasionally around Southern California. I hpe this information helps.
Good Luck!
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Can get married 2005/3/16 13:31
It's not true that they can't get married is it? Like, I've been reading history stories where geishas fall in love with and marry samurai and all. Maybe they can't keep their geisha job though...
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:) 2005/3/22 00:18

lucky she was that Liz Dalby. lol.

did she know japanese already....hum lol

anyway, masashi is teaching me a little japanese. thank you!
(thanks to all the other people!!)
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To be a Geisha 2006/3/2 10:15
The possibility of being a Geisha I would say very hard.
From what I have read, even before you be a Maiko duties around the house have to be learned, performed and then Maiko status is attained. Once a Maiko, then it is possibly to go on to be a Geiko, or Geisha. Apparently not all Maiko decide to follow the path after seeing how hard it really is. Some of the older Customs are not perfermed now, if the Geisha or trainee does not wish to do them, such as the Misu-age and the idea of a Patron or Dannu. Liz Dalby, already spoke Japanese, and was also in the arts before going to Japan in her study. She seems very fortuneate undeed to hav been given the oportunity to be a geisha, but that was in the 70's.
One has to ask why, more Japanese girls do not take up the lifestyle.
We all fall in love with the ideals of the Geisha life, I have as well as yourself, but it is true, often Geisha never marry, if they do, they cease to become Geisha. Myself, I decided to worship from afar and to leave it to the Japanese.
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