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Cheapest prepaid intl calling card? 2005/3/4 16:14
Does anyone know which is the cheapest (with pretty good reception) pre paid international calling card to purchase in japan is? thanks
by Katalyst  

Try www.brastel.com 2005/3/8 17:43
I have used this service for more than 3 yrs. They will send you a card which you can recharge at convenient stores. Please check their rate at www.brastel.com. The rate varies depending on the destination, the type of phone call from/to, and the area of Japan. I think it is 10x cheaper than some popular ones. you can contact me for more info. yakiniku_33@yahoo.com
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still question... 2005/3/28 05:50
Hi there,
Have the v. same probs; will b in Kyoto April/May; wht abt a rental of the mobile with an intl. access...
Any cheap way pls.; where (Kansai...)?
Thx much in advance,
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skype 2005/3/28 10:50
how about skype solution.
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Thanks 2005/3/30 23:38
Thx much; registered but have no idea how to call (in Japanese) an Internet Caffe and a microphone build machine ... A handy is v. useful when u r travelling...
Cheers, Wlodek
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good prepaid cards 2005/4/24 18:11
I suggest to use affordacall blue card coz it has longer minutes,clear connection & fast connection L-L=42,L-K=35,K-K=31,K-L-28 retail=10+4 dealer=10+6,10+7 & 10+8
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cheapest prepaid card 2005/4/24 18:19
still looking for a cheapest prepaid card try to use affordacall blue card it has longer minutes, clear connection & fast connection. if you want to reach me pls email at lackman_28@yahoo.com for further details.
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talkloop.com 2005/6/14 08:09
Try this, low rate and good quality. I use this service to call my gf in Japan.

Japan - Military $0.0327
Japan - Mobile $0.1777
Japan - Other $0.0295
Japan - Tokyo $0.0295

Go to www.talkloop.com, they used to give bouns but i do not know now. go check that out.
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Cheap Calling card 2007/6/17 21:47
you can try http://www.utalkprepaid.com calling cards
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Onesuite.com works great for me 2007/10/4 10:45
I'm using Onesuite.com prepaid calling card and its voip feature. Can be use in Internationally.

Rates are:

Calling from Japan to US

Prepaid: $.30 per minute
Voip: $02.5 per minute

Calling from US to Japan

Prepaid: $.035 per minute
Voip: $.029 per minute

Easy to use and handy. Can be use in internet cafe and any touch tone phone.

Lots of features with no added cost. Check their website for more info - www.onesuite.com
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Sadia Card 2007/10/13 00:36
I realise the original question was asked some time ago, however - for the benefit of others..... I recently visited Japan and got a "Sadia Card" (http://www.sadiacard.com/) which had very cheap rates back to Australia. I spent 2,000 yen all up for a few hours of calls back to AU. Call quality was reasonable, and certainly muchhh cheaper than my previous experiences with NTT, KDDI, Brasstel etc.


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Sadia Cards 2007/11/8 18:15
Anybody using sadia cards and having problems because I do.


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onesuite.com 2007/11/17 00:36
Onesuite works for me.

Japan to US or US to Japan no problem at all.

Sadia seems good but had so many problems recently.
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Sadia cards 2007/11/17 05:58
Can a sadia card be bought in Japan?

If not, what phone cards can be bought when in Japan to be used to phone Australia?
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sadid card 2007/11/17 23:43
You can apply online,and they post it to you free of charge.
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Sadia Card 2007/11/18 06:50
Not enough time for that.
Can I buy one in Japan?
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Note about the int'l cards 2008/5/3 13:14
If you go to the convenience stores like AM/PM or Lawson's - the two I tried - they only sell KDD and NTT cards which are over 100 yen / minute to the US. So get your card in advance.

It was substantially cheaper to use the international call option on my softbank rental phone.
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Sadia card 2008/5/11 13:35
What is the minimum amount needed to be charged to a zero value Sadia card to begin the usage. We will be in Japan for 12 days.
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