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any cheap hotel in Kobe? 2005/3/9 07:06
I will have a trip to kobe for 5 days in May, does anybody know if there are any cheap hotel in Kobe for a single room? Most I found are over 55k Yen...and I am still a student... thanks a lot.
by Jenn  

Cheap hotel in Kobe 2005/3/28 18:47
I stayed in a cheap ryokan in Kobe for three nights last week. I can't remember the exact price but it was a little over Y10000 per person for the three nights. I can't remember the name exactly, but can find out if you are interested. It's about 5-10 minutes' walk from Shinnomiya station.
by Oriba rate this post as useful

^-^ 2005/3/29 13:28
It will be great if you may find out the name! Does it have a website?

Thanks a lot,
by Jenn rate this post as useful

cheap hotel 2005/3/30 03:52
ihave some lost memories with kobe but now i dont have much money to want to see it
by anilwadhawan rate this post as useful

Kobe Hotel 2005/3/30 08:28
I thought the 55K Yen was a misprint and that you meant 5,500 was the cheapest you found, but as you seemed to think 10,000 was a deal I thought you should know that there is a Toyoko Inn in Kobe with a single room between 5,460 and 6,090. Details here:

Don't know when you are going, but May 3 and 13 are sold out and 11 and 12 are almost sold out, all other nights look good with between 44 and 91 rooms available at the time of posting although these are mostly the higher priced rooms.
by RobBeer rate this post as useful

Kobe ryokan 2005/3/30 20:31
I found the info! Here you go:

It's called Ninomiya Ryokan, in
Hyogo ken, Kobe, and you can call them on 0782210736. They don't have a website, unfortunately.

The price was a little over Y10,000 total for three nights per person.
by oriba rate this post as useful

How about Youth hostel? 2005/4/1 23:41

it takes 20 minutes from Sannomiya St, but I think that it locates at a wonderful place.

But you must saty with another people four or six.

If you are a member of youth hostel, you can stay on 3200yen for one night, if you are not, you must pay 4200yen
by Erika rate this post as useful

Cheap Ryokan 2008/5/1 15:18
It'll be cheaper at Kobe Guest House.
by Kobeman rate this post as useful

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