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Best Time To Visit Hokkaido 2005/3/10 00:11
Different seasons have different beautiful sceneries. But which is generally the best time of the year to visit Hokkaido as a tourist from Singapore?
by Ivy  

... 2005/3/10 10:45
Either February for winter sports, the Sapporo snow festival and the floating ice.

Or July to August for the Hokkaido in summer with flower fields and national parks.
by Uji rate this post as useful

from a fellow singaporean 2005/3/11 15:08
Hi Ivy
Just came back from winter Hokkaio last week. It is very very beautiful. Guess it's because we dont get to see so much snow in Singapore. However, according to our dialogues with the locals, summer is the peak season with lavenders and sunflowers. We have agreed that that Hokkaido is beautiful all year round and it really depends on what each one of us would like to see. Anyway, I'm going to do a return trip in winter season again, next year hopefully
by Grace, rate this post as useful

Hokkaido 2006/3/17 17:46
what is the temperature like during Apr & May?
by Sweet rate this post as useful

Sapporo 2006/3/18 17:48
For Sapporo:

mid April:
average daytime high: 11 degrees
average nighttime low: 3 degrees

mid May:
average daytime high: 17 degreews
average nighttime low: 8 degrees
by Uji rate this post as useful

Hokkaido 2006/3/20 10:23
We will be visiting Hokkaido at the end of April for 3 days/2 nights. We will be stopping over at Hakodate for the night and then head over to Soundkyo Gore and would like to know if there are any nice places to see other than the above mentioned places that do not require too much traveling time. We are interested in nice sceneries and also are hoping to see some cherry blossom.

by May rate this post as useful

... 2006/3/21 05:52
About Hakodate:

About Sounkyo:

April is too early to see cherry blossoms in Hokkaido!
by Uji rate this post as useful

snow 2006/3/21 12:37
Just wondering if it is still snowing or any snow left in April in Sapporo and Hakodate?
by Felicia rate this post as useful

... 2006/3/21 12:39
In the average year, the snow disappears in Sapporo around early April and in Hakodate around late March.
by Uji rate this post as useful

snow and cherry blossom 2006/3/21 13:08
Is is possible to kill 2 birds with 1 stone ie see cherry blosson in Kyoto and snow in Sapporo/Otaru? Maybe late March in Sapporo and early April in Kyoto will do the trick?
by Felicia rate this post as useful

... 2006/3/21 15:43
Is is possible to kill 2 birds with 1 stone ie see cherry blosson in Kyoto and snow in Sapporo/Otaru?

Yes, that can be possible. Right now there are 45 cm of snow in Sapporo. But you don't have to go as far as Sapporo. Snow can also be seen closer to Kyoto in higher elevations on Honshu. For example, Shirakawago, three hours from Kyoto, currently still has 144 cm of snow:
by Uji rate this post as useful

Best time to visit Hokkaido 2007/1/22 00:45
Referring to the above,travelling to Hokkaido in March, will we be able to experience snowing/ snowfall and hope into Osaka / Kyoto in April to relief the coldness of Hokkaido? Thanks
by adeline rate this post as useful

... 2007/1/22 08:45
Yes, Hokkaido is still snow covered in March.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Hokkaido 2007/1/23 00:09
We visited Hokkaido the second week of May. It was nice. Still a little chilly but comfortable enough to walk around most areas with a sweater & light windbreaker. However, when we drove over the mountain passes, there was still a lot of snow and it was cold on the mountaintops.
The tourist spots were not very crowded, still early in the season.
by cf rate this post as useful

... 2007/1/23 20:19
thanks for Uji & cf replies..still abit confused. so which season shld i target to exeperience Snowing in Hokkaido and hop back into Osaka for warmer weather? Main objective is to experience snowing. I hv seen alot of snow mountains but i have not experience snowing, saddly :(( Which of these months will be a better bet (Nov - May)?
I learnt fr frens that we should not target tail end of winter cos it is hard to drive and not very pleasant on the road when everything is beginning to melt... It will be better when is beggining when snow is soft and fun to play with..... thanks once again.
by adeline rate this post as useful

... 2007/1/24 17:09
If you have never seen snow, I would think twice about driving a car in the snow! It can be very dangerous.

Anyway, the most snow is usually found in February. I think it is the best time to experience snow. You could combine it with a visit to the Sapporo Snow Festival:
by Uji rate this post as useful

mid June... any good? 2007/4/17 00:01
We have planned to visit southern hokkaido mid june. Renting a car and driving. What is the weather and driving condition like? Is the place driver freely? (Is there such a thing?)
by isabelmirth rate this post as useful

... 2007/4/17 09:17
What is the weather and driving condition like?

The weather is variable. Sunny and rainy days. Daytime temperatures around 20 degrees.

Is the place driver freely? (Is there such a thing?)

I don't understand the question.
by Uji rate this post as useful

lavender in late June? 2007/4/17 09:58
hi, i'm planning on a trip to hokkaido during summer this yr. H/w due to time clashes, i cant arrange the trip during July. would like to ask if i will able to experience the lavender blooms if i were to be in hokkaido during late June? or is it too early? (i heard that the bloom onli occurs during early July)
by kim rate this post as useful

... 2007/4/17 10:18
I was there three years ago in late June, and it was a little bit too early for the lavender. I think it is usually a little bit too early, although it can also depend on the year.

Like in case with cherry blossoms, there are websites that inform readers about the current state of lavender flowers, such as the following one:
by Uji rate this post as useful

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