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answer for ''daisuki''? 2005/3/10 02:17
Can anybody tell me what are the common answers for ''Daisuki desu'' or ''Aishiteru''?
by milky way  

Depends on you I guess 2005/3/10 10:12
Do you mean the response you would give someone who said that to you. Well if someone says I love you, I guess the most common thing to say is I love you too which is "anata mo daisuki desu" but if you don't love them, you could say sorry in a entle way which is "gomen ne". Good luck, hope this helps.
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. 2005/3/10 15:24
I love you too which is "anata mo daisuki desu"

"anata mo daisuki desu" means "I love you too (as well as I love another person)".

If you mean "I love you too (as well as you love me)", say "watashi mo (anata ga) daisuki desu".
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Duh~ 2005/3/12 12:43
aishteru means I love you.. while daisuki means the same thing...or maybe its i like you~ not sure~
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. 2005/3/12 14:37
Both aishteru and daisuki mean "I love you". how different? aishteru is a very formal expression, I guess? and daisuki can be either "I love you" or "I like you".

btw "Duh〜" is a russian word that means yes? or nyet?
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Hi 2005/3/12 19:21
Hi. I'm Japanese college student living in Japan.
Well, "daisukidesu" and "aishiteru" are pretty similar expressions and sometimes they mean the same feeling but we can say the first one for suggesting almost everything (not only for people but inanimate things as well) and it sounds much colloquial. It's like... you know "I love you(it) bunches!" or something.
"aishiteru", this phrase is not that frequently used I suppose, I mean Japanese people take it kinda too serious to mention. So if you're now saying some lady said to you "aishiteru", it definitely meant she loved you seriously. You know not as a good buddy or anything.
If you do too, you can answer like "watashi (boku) mo aishiteimasu."=I love you too.

(I gotta say that "anata mo aishiteiru" posted above by another guy is wrong...."anata mo aishiteimasu." means "You love me, too.",which is inappropriate for this situation.)

If you don't like she does, I think you might as well show your sincerity, saying "Sorry." or something. :)

I'll leave my e-mail addy so that you can ask me when you get another prob in Japanese language :)

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hi Hazel 2005/3/12 22:41
Thanks for your answer. So, what's your e-mail address?
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wanna noe more.. 2005/4/30 17:56
hi hazel,
i'm so confused. jap has soooo many translations!!
need to noe wat is "doushite mo aisteru".. ??
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I love Hazel 2005/6/10 05:57
I love Hazel (^_^)
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Hazel 2006/5/10 04:18
hi hazel, could u tell me ur email adress?
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Help on the word "daisuki itsumo" 2006/6/2 14:10
hey, i saw my ex's info that says daisuki itsumo, im wondering what that means? got any clue thnx!
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"Itsumo" 2006/7/11 09:27
I believe that "Itsumo" means always/forever. I'm not exactly sure how strong or formal that is (as well as zutto, I believe) but If you put it together it should be saying something roughly along the lines of "I'll love you always/forever."
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Haha! I have a question actually. 2006/10/16 23:45
What does boku mean? xP .... like.. i'm going for hazel's advice..and like... she put- watashi (boku) mo aishiteimasu-- but.. i have no idea what boku means... does it mean ''it''?
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boku 2006/10/17 10:56
Boku is just the casual way of saying watashi and is mainly used by boys/guys though some tomboy girls also like to use it.
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. 2006/10/17 17:43
One of my girlfriends used to call herself Boku. She told me it is not regular, but she just wanted to use it.

It is only for guys she explained.
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8s not an answer,8s a question..hehe 2006/11/23 20:40
how to say "i miss you" in japanese language?
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I love you too is 2006/11/23 21:01
Somebody said `Anatamo Daisuki desu` is I love too, but can I correct it??

Instead of `Aanatamo`, we use `Watashi mo Anata ga Daisuki`.
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re: early post 2006/11/25 08:03
I miss you
anata ga inakute sabishi-kattayo
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... 2006/11/25 13:37
the above is correct. they dont really say miss in japanese. though 「会いたい」is used a lot too.
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watashi mo 2006/11/25 13:41
instead of saying "watashi mo anata ga suki desu"

"watashi mo" should work better. after all, when someone says "i love you" for the first time, do you say "i love you too" sounds akward to me, id say " i do to'. on a further note, saying i lvoe you on a daily basis (though you shouldnt do this in japanese) is just 「愛してるよ」 

completely off topic, but 愛 Is really fun to write, if you know how. ^_~
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