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Tokyo - NightClub Recommendations? 2005/3/14 10:36

I am visiting Tokyo for two days next week on my way to Australia (I'm From The USA). Looking for recommendations on where to stay in the city? I would prefer to be close to a good bar/club + entertainment district but not an area that's a complete tourist trap i.e. I would like to be somewhere where I can get to hang around some of the local Tokyo people too not just all foreigners like myself......any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

by Pete  

Count me in 2005/3/18 18:13
Hi Pete,
I'll be visiting Tokyo for a few days in May... after seeing Sydney, Australia. I'm from New York. If you have any info on good clubs/bars in tokyo, please post it. I'd like to check it out too. thanks.
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Jeffrey Quest 2005/4/5 16:26
Sorry i don't have the answer but a question also. I'm looking for a nightclub owner/singer by the name of Jeffrey Quest. He owns a club in Kobe Japan. He is an American. If you know him please let him know family is looking for him and to contact home. Thank you we appreciate it.
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Jeffrey Quest 2005/4/5 16:47
Sorry make that your Krismah family is looking for you. Please contact us.
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Tokyo Nightlife 2007/5/12 18:08
I live in Nagoya but trip out to Tokyo fairly often. Good places depend on what you're into, but I would recommend staying in Shibuya (you won't find any hostels or similar cheap accomodations though). My favorite club in town is called Womb. They have (supposedly) the largest disco ball in the world, and one of the best sound systems in Japan. It also has to be one of the hardest clubs in Tokyo to find. There are no signs, and it looks like a warehouse from the outside. The only indicator before 11 pm is the title "womb" in really tiny letters on the wall.

If that sort of place isn't to your liking (it's all trance and house), there's hip-hop, raggae, and other dance clubs all lined up on a strip just outside womb.

If you're into bars and more chilled out stuff, try Shinjuku.

Be careful of Roppongi and Kabuki-cho. While there's lots of other foreigners to hang out with around there, they're gaijin (foreigner) traps and you can't walk 5 feet without barkers trying to pull you into a strip club.

Roppongi, on the other hand, has a lot of seedy bars that offer the first drink free, but then harrass you to stay and buy more drinks after that. If you can handle scary guys giving you crap, you can score a good number of free drinks just by skipping from one place to the next.

Also, one last note: If you plan on staying out late, DO NOT stay in a capsule hotel. At these places, even if you have multiple day reservations, there's a daily mandatory check-out at 10 am.
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Mike inTokyo.. 2007/12/4 13:33
Can you email me? I have questions about clubs out there. I'm headed out there and it seems like you know your spots. I'd appreciate it.
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... 2007/12/4 18:33
I'd go along with Mike's advice really. Womb is a great place. Not easy to fin, but if you dig around enough, you'll find some maps. Unit is another great place. Liquid Rooms used to be an amazing club in Shinjuku's kabukicho, but has since moved to Ebisu (I haven't been to that one). There's also Space Lab Yellow (often referred to as Yellow) between Shibuya and Roppongi. There's also Ageha studio coast for bigger events. Depends what you're in to really. There's always club Pure in Shibuya which includes free drinks. You often get to met people there though sometimes it can be a bit of a meat market. I'd avoid Roppongi unless you want to pay 3times the price for a drink and meet lots of westerners. Kabukicho is well worth seeing, but more for wandering around rather than going in anywhere. Shimokitazawa is worth visiting as well, though more for bars/music events. Check out Metropolis though for club listings:
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Good reviews here 2007/12/20 18:20
Maybe try this website to find more places in Tokyo
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womb 2008/5/27 22:55
i have been to womb great place. im not really in to techno or trance but the place was bouncing, kinda hard to find, drinks are around 500-900yen shots about 600yen. 4000 cover charge worth it, keeps out the rift raft. it opens around 11pm to 5am. great mood and atmosphere
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