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Bandai? 2005/3/15 07:50
Is there such thing as a Bandai store/museum in Japan? Sort of like a Disney Store where you can go and buy/look at all sorts of Bandai-distributed anime stuff like Gundam, Bleach, etc etc? Just wondering...
by Grace  

Bandai Museum 2005/3/15 11:40
Yes, there is a Bandai Museum near central Tokyo:
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thanks, Uji 2005/4/13 04:04
Uji: your answer to this post led me to investigate the Bandai museum and my son and I went there while in Tokyo and really liked it. Some of it is geared towwards younger kids but my son is a big Gundam fan and that part was awesome for him. It is very well done and it is free for the most part. But anyone going there should be aware that it is CLOSED on Tues. and Wed., although this is mentioned nowhere on the website. We tried to go on Tues. and it was very closed; ended up going back on Fri. and it was very worth it. There is a great little noodle place in the Matsuda station where you get out to go to the museum too.
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Any Other Museums! 2005/6/14 01:24
Now u mention that theres a bandai museum! Are there anymore other anime/toy/game related museum i.e. Sunrise, Tamiya, Konami..... and so on

I also like to know if there are any high techs museum and showrooms similar to the Sony museum in Tokyo i.e Honda, Toyota, Hitachi.... and so on
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thanks !!! 2006/6/4 19:55
thanks to Uji and Eileen for more information on Bandai museum. I almost go there on Tuesday!!!! Phew!!!
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Bandai Meuseum 2007/10/2 20:40
The link ''http://www.bandai-museum.jp/english/main.html'' seems not working? Am not sure. I really want to go to that place...bout the address or nearest station will really help me.. thanks
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... 2007/10/3 13:57
It is located in Tochigi Prefecture. The nearest train station is Omochanomachi Station:

Japanese website:
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Bandai y0! 2007/10/6 15:26
Hey, I didnt know about a Bandai place that you can actually go in.

When i stayed in Asakusa there was a HUGE bandai building with like statues outside and window displays, but i dont think you can just 'go in' to have a look.

I went to Honda HQ, Sony HQ (was closed) Toyota and Lexus when i was in Japan all worth a trip IMO.

As for toy shops, Osaka had a great range of shops to see, including various Gundam only shops, Anime/Manga shops and like HUGE 5 story Toy shops with a whole floor for things like.. "Cars", "Trains", "Models", "RC" etc etc.

Was mad
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what train gets to the Bandai Museum 2008/3/17 23:55
closest train station...what line is that...how many blocks?

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... 2008/3/18 17:00
Please read the thread as the info you are looking for has already been posted above.
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