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Best ramen in Tokyo? 2005/3/17 04:54
Tokyo 23-ku
Where can i find the best ramen in tokyo? Looking for places to eat during lunchtime around shibuya area or harajuku area.
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Try on that site 2005/3/17 13:07
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Musashi 2005/3/17 15:00
The best ramen I had so far was at "Menya Musahi" a few minutes north of Shinjuku Station (sorry, not Shibuya). During lunch, you should expect to line up for 30-60 minutes, though. The soup is rather thick. If you like milder ramen soups, you better don't go there.
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Best ramen in Tokyo 2006/10/17 14:26
Try looking at http://www.Tokyonodoko.com for the different types of ramen. Shimokita has a great Tonkatsu ramen shop listed in Tokyonodoko
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. 2006/10/17 16:35
That Menya Musashi's queue is seriously like nearly 1 hour!

Its incredible.

The ramen was just really great. I think I've had better ones sometimes, although this place is suppose to be the best.

I really like Ichiran Ramen in Shibuya (from its originally from Kyushu). You can really taste the soup and the effort they've put into the noodles, despite the lack of other ingredients. Its technically done too perfect I guess so its not that 'special' or have a distinct character like some other shops, but everything including the atmosphere added up. I actually don't enjoy ramen but I can eat there all the time!
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Irchiran 2006/12/27 02:13
Could someone kindly translate the locations of the Ueno and Roppongi ichiran restaunts for me?
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. 2006/12/31 06:03
Roppongi Ooedo-sen Eki Shop:

Minato-Ku, Roppongi 4-11-11, Roppongi GM Building 2F.

I know where this is although its difficult to pinpoint its exact location. Its near the big intersection but on the opposite side of Tokyo tower direction (and opposite of Roppongi Hills direction).
Its upstairs above the AMPM and opposite a red MOS Burger shop and Hotel Ibis.

Ueno, real hard to explain. Anyway, on that website there are maps attached if you visit the CLICK link.

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a place with great tonkotsu ramen 2007/2/23 12:18
I actually found this place while searching for the recommended one in shinjuku. Called Hakitatengin, it's about 10 minutes walk out. They have a huge cast iron vat where they cook their in house soup base and the tonkotsu ramen is only 500yen (haha well it cost me more because of seconds...)
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tokyo ramen reviews 2007/6/10 00:17
This site now has some good tokyo ramen reviews in English: http://www.ramentokyo.com

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Jangara Ramen 2007/6/14 09:33
Jangara Ramen is awesome. I went to their location in Harajuku (like 2 blocks from the Harajuku station). OMG, it was good!

I think they were voted like the 2nd best ramen shop in Japan.
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Best Ramen in Tokyo 2007/9/24 06:01
Ichiran in Shibuya. Must be able to eat alone in a voting booth type setting
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Try here 2007/11/19 15:46
Try this listing...might help
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Ichiran Ramen Ueno branch 2008/8/25 00:32
Ichiran ramen Ueno.If you start in front of Keisei Ueno station direction to JR Ueno,walk til red light and turn left and keep walking around 50 meters. You will see ichiran ramen on the other side of the road. Hope this helps.
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... 2009/4/15 01:20
Just got back from Tokyo and want to share our experience at "Menya Musahi". We were NOT that impressed. We always try to find different ramen shops on every trip but were disappointed by menya musahi this time. Drinking the soup made us very thirsty unlike in other ramen shops (we went to one inside Ooedo onsen which we thought was a lot tastier than musahi, that one had a pork bone based soup which did not make us thirsty and had a much richer flavour as if the soup had been boiled a longtime). We went to Musahi at about 6.30pm on Monday and the place was busy but no queue in the 20 mins we were there. Also it was staffed by 4 youngsters whereas we were expecting an old mom and pop place. Without tamago, musahi ramen= y800 whereas in Ooedo onsen it was 530 but this was a minor difference as the taste was the main issue.
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Ippudong 2010/9/2 14:40
hi guys,

what do you guys think of ippudong ramen shop over at higashi ginza?

i thought the ramen was awesome...
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. 2010/9/3 09:51
Kyushu Jangara ramen at harajuku is indeed awesome! The thick pork broth is unforgettable
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. 2010/9/3 10:26
I am biased.:)
Simple Kyushu ramen, also called Hakata or Tonkotsu ramen is the best. Any others are wannabes. Some Sapporo ramen are runner up in miso base but not close. They put other stuff in it to look better.
Try Nagasaki Chanpon, too.
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Nagasaki Chanpon? 2010/9/3 11:43
where do you eat Nagasaki Chanpon?
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. 2010/9/3 12:52
Nagasaki chanpon, as the name suggests, originated in Nagasaki but can be had at most ramen shops and regular shokudo resturants anywhere. It has spaghetti size straight noodle with delicious broth from stir fried chopped cabbage, bean spouts, kamaboko & chikuwa fish cakes, pork, shrimp,etc. Sprinkle more white pepper if you like.
Only at ramen shop for ramen, if you guys are still hungry, ask for "kaedama" the noodle only second for just ~100yen extra. If you do, you will sound like you know the way around. My kids used to ask every time they had ramen.
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Menya Musashi! 2010/9/4 17:02
Another vote for Menya Musashi
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