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Quality of iPhones in Akihabara 2016/7/28 20:15

I'm in Tokyo on holiday At the moment.... Unfortunately I lost my iPhone. Today I was in the technology shops in Akihabara and I found a lot of second hand phones, even sim free. Does anyone have experience with these? Is the quality generally still ok? Battery? ... Are they to be trusted?

by Nisse (guest)  

Re: Quality of iPhones in Akihabara 2016/7/29 16:32
Generalising massively here, but my experience has been that Japanese people tend to look after their stuff and used goods are generally no problem at all. Whether or not they are to be trusted depends on the individual selling them, Akihabara has a lot of shops. My experience shopping there has always been good, but I'm sure there are some bad eggs.
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Re: Quality of iPhones in Akihabara 2016/8/1 15:46
Never bought an iPhone, but I've never had a bad experience buying second hand electronics in Japan. As the above poster said, people look after their stuff really well here (or at least the owners of stuff that makes it to a shop shelf do).
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Re: Quality of iPhones in Akihabara 2016/8/1 23:47
I've also had good experiences buying used electronics in Japan. Typically they are very strict when rating the condition of used goods, so what you see on the tag is usually what you get. Look for a reputable looking shop that includes some sort of warranty. You may not be able to make use of the warranty from outside Japan, but it means they'll stand behind their product.
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