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Noto Peninsula Wajima 2016/8/4 11:22
We are going to Wajima around mid of October and trying to book the accommodation which is "Tanaka" ryokan.

The problem is that the ryokan's website is in JAPANESE (no English version) and also there is no agents (agoda, Japanese guesthouse, etc) having this ryokan connection.

Could anyone recommend us what we can do to book Tanaka ryokan please?

Thank you in advance

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Re: Noto Peninsula Wajima 2016/8/4 13:02
Try seeking help from the Wajima Tourist Information Center, their email address is:

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Re: Noto Peninsula Wajima 2016/8/4 13:03
I survived booking mostly in accommodations' websites in original (kanji) format with the help of google translate by downloading a translator application attached to web browser. You may search for that. Further, downloading google translate in my android smartphone has helped me a lot by taking picture of series of kanjis then let google translate do the magic.

Indeed booking direct thru a accommodation's kanji website results to much cheaper price than booking thru any third party hotel reservation platforms in english format.

However, have you tried looking to Rakuten and Jalan Japanese websites? I am not sure if this is what you are looking for http://bit.ly/2awVmpS. On the left side you will see dates; just untick 日付未定 which is translated as Date Undecided to choose which dates you want to stay. Further, if the kanji is in text instead of flash format so you can highlight/select the statement/line, right-click the mouse and there you see you an option to 'Translate selection with Google Translate' which will translate it for you in english format. I am not sure though if that is automatic with or without the downloaded translator attached to my web browser. You may want to figure it out.

If this website http://www.oyado-tanaka.jp/ is what you are looking for, on your left side click the 4th button and the prices with corresponding room types will show. 2nd button is for the facilities. 8th button is for room availability and reservation. It really pays to be curious :)! Patience is a virtue as well.
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Re: Noto Peninsula Wajima 2016/8/4 13:21
I almost forgot to mention.

When reserving direct to accommodation's website, there were times I am being held up with regards to home address in which they require your prefecture. As it happened to me, I just copy the kanji name of the accommodation I want then look for it in Rakuten and Jalan kanji websites if it's there.

I was just fortunate in my reserved bookings for my travel this year that they do not have that prefecture option or only the country portion so I was able to get through.
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Re: Noto Peninsula Wajima 2016/8/4 22:46
Thanks guys. I'll try both ways.
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