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Kintetsu Rail Pass to Ise-shima 2016/8/5 06:49
I just read Raina's travel post of recent trip to Ise-shima area . I was at Ise-shi and Pearl Island last November, loved it, and plan to return this year with Japanese friend to more fully appreciate both the Shrines and the Ama divers. Here's the question: Raina states that there are Kintetsu passes for foreigners to visit Ise-shima. That was definitely NOT my experience last year. I attempted to buy such a pass at KIX before going into town but the window where Kintetsu and other passes are sold said they have nothing for Ise. I spent an astronomical sum on the Special Express train from Midosuji Station to Ise and would like to avoid a repeat. Can anyone direct me to the pass Raina mentions. Thanking anyone in advance if they can help. Arigato.
by johnnyman  

Re: Kintetsu Rail Pass to Ise-shima 2016/8/5 17:49
The Kintetusu "wide" pass is valid in Ise.
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Kintetsu Rail Pass to Ise-shima 2016/8/5 18:12
Last December we used this pass to go:

Not only it covers the whole area, but also you can use up to three limited express trains. Shame that we couldn't use the remaning 4 days of the pass (we were leaving Japan the following day), but at just 3800\ it surely paid off. It was the normal version, not the Wide one (that's for the airports). Two things you should know:

*There are some direct limited express from Kyoto arriving in 2 and 1/2hr, check hyperdia.
*We tried to buy the pass at Kintetsu Station in Tokyo, but oddly we were asked to do it at neighbour Bic Camera. I suggest you to print (or save on your smartphone) the image of the pass itself so it will be easier for you to ask for it. Then, we were forced to enter the station again in order to book our seats for the Ise limited express.

Hope this info works for you
by Pablo (guest) rate this post as useful

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